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After all I’ve done for you
You still broke my heart
You took away my happiness
I am no longer the star you see in the sky
I am now alone, an unhappy being

You came that hot afternoon and broke the ice
And I fell into the deep ocean of gloom
I’m alive today not because I still love you
But because memories of you reminds me of the good times
We shared,
I kept Hoping one day
you would come back to me
That I will be the one you cherish and the one you
Love, once again

Why did you ever break my heart into pieces?
You hurt me so bad that
I couldn’t stop the pain as it comes
I never understood why you left
I always want to be the one you remember at all
Please don’t forget the good times
I never did,
When I was the air that you breathe
When my tender heart beats for you alone,

I wish you would understand what I am passing through
You no longer feel it because you don’t care about
me anymore
But I feel the pains
when I can’t sleep at night
Without you and without your touch
My heart embrace the cold of the
Teardrops in my eyes
I am missing your presence
I can’t bear the loneliness in the dark
You used to be the sun that lights up
I am sad, lonely and dissapointed
your words are
not kept as you promised
you only succeeded in
breaking my heart.
:Ajani Tunde Yussuf


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