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I have decided to keep quiet for a while and not talk about the fuel subsidy issue most Nigerians have been talking about.

I wanted to really educate myself first
 “BUHARI and 145 naira ” was on everybody’s lips last week that I could not help requesting for ‘BUHARI’ while buying zobo at the school shopping complex.
 It was that bad.‎
First of all, what is subsidy?
 Have we educated ourselves before we start jabbering up and down about how wicked and inconsiderate Buhari is?
 Subsidy is the money paid by  Government or an organization to make prices lower and reduce the cost of producing goods and services.
In other words, the government has been helping the fuel industry folks lower the cost of producing oil,  which has been regarded as the saving glory of Nigeria ever since it was discovered.

Personally, I think the fuel subsidy ought to be removed.‎
Why it really ought to be removed is; the amount of money paid by the government which runs into trillions of naira could be channelled into other sectors that would benefit the nation rather than some set of people who are enjoying the benefits of it.
Majority of those that have been condemning its removal are the same selfish people that benefit greatly from the subsidy(oil cabals) . 
Removal of the fuel subsidy means oil merchants are solely responsible for the payment of oil products and this would reduce corruption in the oil sector, attention would be shifted from oil industry and people would begin to focus on agriculture instead.  
This would lead to renewed interest in the sector that was formerly Nigeria’s glory and could make us giants of Africa again.
It would also lead to healthy competition among oil producers, encourage construction of local refineries which would help lower the price of oil products.
Times may be hard, but it would be much easier if fellow Nigerians would not seize this period to increase prices as they did during the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Naira.
People have started blaming Buhari for the scarcity of tomatoes and tomato sellers have started blaming the increase in fuel price for the scarcity of tomatoes, sachet tomato has become more expensive as there is huge demand for it now.
 Are we seeing a link here?
 What if we start focusing on Agriculture instead? The problem of hunger might be solved, we would not mind trekking distances if something goes wrong and fuel becomes too expensive again, – at least our stomachs are full-… I am just kidding!
What are your thoughts on the fuel subsidy removal?
Feel free to share in the comments box.


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  1. AvatarAlmustarpha

    In Economics there is what we call Policy Conflict, and this is associated with all policies. So don’t be surprise of the current conflict of ideas with regards to subsidy removal. They never compare the benefits to its adverses. We must support deregulation of the Nigerian oil sector for a better tomorrow.We must allow deregulation work in the oil sector for us to reap the benefits of low price like that of telecommunication products and services

  2. AvatarEmZi

    I really do not want to blame Buhari for the fuel subsidy removal, trust me, I know he’s trying to create a better Nigeria, but things like this take time, great changes take time, and most Nigerians are concerned about the here and now of their lives and environments, so I would suggest he hastens his steps and makes good on his promise to sort it all out in his said time.

  3. Avatarbeeeekaaaaaay

    Buhari himself was against the fuel subsidy when the former president removed d fuel subsidy years back, so buhari removing d subsidy now is lyk justifying d action of goodluck to b right which ofcouse we all rose against, nd jonathan was also tryin to do d same tin buhari is doin nw, i.e tryin to divert d money into other sectors and probably put back or get us a good refinery …so my position now is dah, wich government is good? Are we being fooled? Do we have a working refinery, cos as it stands, i think we still import oil cos we dnt have any tangible product to boast of.. i think the country is doomed..spaghetti #180, tomato paste #70, fuel #145..kilode ahba..


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