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Can you hook up with an ex?

The Okafor’s Law of congodynamics which is C 1 P= C ∞ states that ” once a Congo has been shined once (C 1 ) , it can always be shined (C ∞ ) provided it was shined properly ( P) the previous times, emphasis on properly“. This simply means that an Ex can be slept with again provided they made things sizzle under the sheets when you were together.

It is not unusual to see some people going back to their Exes for one reason or the other, while we are confused and wondering why a dog will go back to it vomit, we forget Okafor’s Law is in play. Take the series Power for example, Ghost and Angela used to date, they lost contact and went different ways, Ghost got married to a beautiful woman who bore him three beautiful girls, she has a lovely shape and is intelligent as well when it comes to his business and his order business. She is his ride or die but Ghost still went after Angela after seeing her at his night club, Angela who was already dating someone amazing, both of them ended up in bed not once, not twice till Ghost’s home got destroyed. Okafor’s Law just played out there neat and clean. What could have been the problem? Could it be that Ghost and Angela were not getting enough sex and attention from their partners? No.

People who have sworn never to have anything to do with their Exes find themselves falling for the Okafor’s Law, some people’s lives would intentionally seduce their Exes since they know their weak points already, some do that for their own selfish purposes or to mess up their Exes the more.

An Ex is supposed to be that person with whom things didn’t work out with. That was why you left the relationship in the first place right? So why do people end up in bed with their Exes? This could be due to the factors surrounding their breakup which are:

1) Clashing Cultural or Religious Beliefs – People who have to break up with each other due to different religious beliefs and ethnic problems may end up being with each other again, after all, the break up was due to circumstances beyond their control and not because they fell out of love. The love which will always be there may tempt the Exes into finding solace in each other arms.
2) Genotype Barrier – Due to genotype and medical related issues, a couple may breakup. But it could be hard to really let go when you guys have bonded so well, it is even worse when you can’t seem to bond with your new partner. It takes a lot of self-restraint not to fall into the arms of your Ex again in this kind of situation.
3) Loss of Contact – The love was never broken off, so there could still some unfinished business both parties would want to tend to even if they are both married.

THE EX WAS GOOD IN BED – Some people find it hard to say no to someone who treats them right in bed, so even if they have self-control they find themselves scuttling around hotels and corners with the Ex they swore never to make up with. For some it is not about how good the sex was but because the Ex was the first person they got intimate with.

THE EX WAS CARING – If the Ex and as caring and treats them just right. Knows what makes them tick and smile, has all their passwords. Wriggling out of a Okafor inclined situation would be hard.

So what kind of person falls for the Okafor’s Law? Anybody can fall for the Okafor’s Law, there is no exception and it is not about being good or being bad. A good girl who doesn’t go around hooking up with different guys can find herself entwined in the arms of her Ex after sex with “what have I done” replaying in her head, A good guy too can find himself in bed with his Ex and the thought of “what have I done” replaying in his head as well.

Some argue that not falling temptation for Okafor’s Law entails strong discipline, that only those who do not know their self-worth falls for it. This is often not true as people with high moral values have fallen and are still falling for the law. Some would laugh it off and ask what their Ex left in their genitals that is being sought for.

However, Okafor’s Law have worked for some while some are condemning it. Ironically, some people have gotten married because of Okafor’s Law. It helped salvage a relationship they have already killed and buried, but this could be because the breakup was over something intangible in the first place. Who would want to go back to a lying and a cheating Ex? Who would want to go back to an Ex who batters you at the slightest whim? Who would want to go back to an Ex who burnt all your clothes and flung dangerous things at you in the fit of anger? Who would want to go back to an Ex who caused your downfall and blocked every path that leads to success for you? But then again who knows?

So, can you ever fall for the Okafor’s Law?


  1. Avatarjonny

    Hmmmm,from what i have observed,okafor’s law only comes to play when their are still feelings involved,some EXes u feel nothing for them while some..things never ended well.and there are still contact between you two…back to the main question…going back to my ex is no no for me…


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