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What kind of woman are you? I am talking to every female specie out there save animals, if you were asked to describe yourself in a word what word would it be? Beautiful? Intelligent? Alluring? Phenomenal? Two words what would it be?.

What kind of woman do you see when you look into the mirror? Do you see beyond the perfect makeup you have on? Do you see your soul aside from your perfectly arched brows?
What kind of woman do you want to be? The type that flaunts borrowed items just to stunt on IG? The kind that moans and groans over likes and followers, or would your rather be, the one that sensitizes the public and uses the social media intelligently, do you know, some posts on social media come back to haunt you? If you are not careful, those half naked selfies might find their ways into a pervert’s phones or worse it could ruin whatever it is you wish to do in future, have you ever thought of that? Why would you let your self worth be determined by how exposed your body is? Why give lecherous men the pleasure of jerking off to your pictures? Why would you let men oppress you all in the name of praises, do you think ‘Oh baby you are so sweet’ is a nice compliment on your half naked selfies? Think again.

What kind of woman do you want to be? You don’t want to be the kind that fights everyone over a boy, why would you fight over a boy? It is an insult on your person and everything you stand for! Do you consider yourself a merchandise that had overstayed it welcome and needs to be sold off as soon as possible? Do you think growing grey hairs would stop you from meeting the man of your dreams? What kind if woman do you want to be? Would you rather be the goal getter, the fighter the one that creates a path where there is no way, the one that excels in her chosen field? Would you rather be an accomplished woman or continue to fight over a boy who doesn’t even love you? Think again.

Would you cry? Would you cry and slave yourself over those silly boys with sagging trousers who forgot to buy belts while they save up for the latest gadgets and accessories? Would you cry over that boy that has nothing to offer you except swags and sweet nothings? Would you give yourself to him just because you want him to stay? And he ended up leaving you then you choose to cry? Would you cry because he told all his friends how he did it with you? Or would you rather have a voice and speak up for women and children being oppressed out there, stand up for women rights and fight for humanity! Your tears would give you nothing but more heartache, would you still cry over him just because he promised you marriage and failed? Think again.

Would you bring down fellow women for your own selfish interests? Would you slander and back bite about them just because they are what you want to be? Would you ruin another woman’s home just because you are desperate for love and marriage? Would you hurt your friends just because you want to look good to everybody else? Would you body shame your friend and feed on their insecurities? Would you? Or would you rather support women everywhere, praise them, promote them, compliment them, make them grow and try to do better than them without getting jealous? Would you rather support women and learn, meet new people and get exposed or you would do all it takes to bring another woman down so you could go up? Think again.

Would you fail to keep to your words? Would you say yes when you mean no just because you don’t want to offend some people? Would you be scared to voice your opinions just because you don’t want to step on toes? Just because you don’t want to get criticized? Just because you don’t want to them to hiss and say ‘ oh, she is just a woman ‘. Or would you rather rise up and say what you feel and do you what you want not because you are just a woman but because you are not just any woman and being a woman in the first place is not a curse! You think a woman can’t do all that? Think again!

Would you spend your money on fancy items and shopping only? Would you strive to get the latest jewels and outfits? Or would you rather invest in yourself, read, buy books and watch your self worth grow? Would you want to have a gigantic closet filled with clothes you don’t even know you have? Think again!

It is high time we know who we are and what we want as women, it is not too late for you to define the kind of woman you are, you can start molding yourself to be the woman you would love to be. You don’t need role models, you are your own role model and you are your own kind of woman and no one else.


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

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