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FEB 14.
Dear Diary,
Jhay thinks am mad, everybody thinks so too, I am not and I swear I am not. I am like every other girl, I am normal even if everybody else think otherwise.
It was a sunny day, I had raised the curtains to allow sunlight enough space in the room I share with my best friend and roommate, she had traveled to Ebonyi to spend valentine with her Fiance and for the first time in six months, I was all alone in the room, I thought of how Jhay would propose one day to me too, would he take me to the beach and have the question written on the sands as Jemila’s fiance had done? Or would he go extra miles like the guys on Bella naija and wedding digest had done? A wistful smile spread over my lips as I remembered the last fight I had with him, perhaps he would call me today and end everything, I shuddered at the thought, besides I had not done anything out of the ordinary, I only ruined his kitchen cupboard, how was I supposed to know it was his cousin he was being lovey dovey with infront of an eatery? Instinct urged me to call and ask for forgiveness since it is valentine, but pride told me to send the middle finger as a text instead, I was in a dilemma when my phone uttered a shrill scream, I nearly fell as my legs twisted among the piles of cloth I had thrown on the floor in preparation for washing, all my excitement slid like warm butter on hot toast as I saw the caller ID, it was an unknown number, my phone conveyed my annoyance as I snapped ‘hello’
‘Would you still be mad at me if I told you am out your front door’? The familiar voice drawled, I yelped as I ran out of my room, forgetting that am braless beneath the jersey I wore, that my mouth is unwashed or that my satin bonnet sat haphazardly on my head, Jhay was standing with a bouquet, a box of God knows what and a card he held up as I opened the door which says ‘I am sorry’ I giggled as I hugged and pull him into the general visitors room, The fat female Porter on duty frowned as she saw him with his flowers and all, that sadist of a woman, she allows no male visitors on valentine’s day, and would complain about not littering the hostel with chocolate wrappers,
‘so…’ I said allowing my pride to take over and bent on not apologizing for sneaking out of his house before he saw his ruined cabinet.
‘I read somewhere the woman is always right, I am here to apologize for making you think I am double dealing… And thanks again for ruining my kitchen cabinet” he looked so adorable as he said that and I gave him a peck on the cheeks, I apologized as well and he asked me to go get dressed, I gave him the “really” look and pecked him again as I was about to leave the visitor’s room, he wanted to pull me in for more but I ran out before he could,
Giggling mischievously, I skirted out of the visitors room to my room, I carefully had my bath, remembering to use the Olay body wash I just bought then I went to knock on Fola’s door so she could do my make up, I was ready in an hour and some minutes, anybody could have thought it was a model on a runway as I strut down the corridor into the visitors room I wonder when being tall, slim without womanly curves became the new hot, I could kill for Beyoncé’s curves.
Jhay took in my dressing with a slight nod and stood up before I got to him, walking briskly towards the door, I was annoyed but I managed to control my annoyance because the nosy porter was watching and I followed him nearly tripping on the tiles, the cackling of the porter followed me out of the hostel, I joined Jhay in the car he brought and sat, expecting him to say something about my looks or my dress, after what seemed like forever, I said in a weak voice,
‘Your mum’s car is sleek’
‘I know right’ he maneuvered the car gently and grinned at me ‘the car is dope mehn, it runs on little fuel, has……’
I shut out the praises of his mum’s car as he went on and on about it, until I caught ‘she is amazing’
‘who?’ I asked, ‘The car yo, I call her Anita, she is a babe’ he went on grinning and I felt like slapping the grin back into his brain, so he could waste words on his mother’s car but wouldn’t compliment me? we had gotten to the gate when I realized we were at his parents house… ‘what the heck is this’ I turned and demanded an answer from him, ‘well, there is a family dinner and I told them you were coming and….’
‘why will you tell them I was coming when I had not said that’ I screamed and continued raving, when I was done, he was staring at me wide eyed, not knowing what to do, I got out of the car and went to the main road to board a cab back to my hostel.



  1. Avatarmohamard harbyb

    i can smell transfer of aggression here…..who are u really angry with…”Anita? “Jhay? the family?

  2. AvatarOluwatosin

    You’re welcome dear….. don’t worry you’ll get more comments from me on my opinion on your posts…… good luck and nice work dear you’ve succeeded in keeping me glued to my phone with my data on and with me not being interested in reading or replying my messages 👍👍more power to your elbow


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