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Read Diary of a psycho girlfriend VI

Khai! I don’t know why the devil would choose to pour sand into your Garri after you finish adding sugar. Why will Farida be Farhan’s sister? Why will God curse someone as dashing as that with a retarded bimbo for a sister? They don’t even look alike! Farida looks like those typical blue blood mixed race Hausa kids, very fair skin, beautiful face (empty brain and ugly heart of course ) black silky hair, a very big thanks to her Lebanese mum! A mind blowing hourglass figure, (this is one of the reasons I hate her too) and that perfect set of teeth with a gap between her two front teeth, she even has pink lips! Lawd while him, he has a beautiful chocolate skin, I don’t know what he looks like really really well enough apart from his skin colour, so till I see him in the day sha, and me o, I am just the definition of average just passing plain Jane. I should have been a boy maybe that is why I was named Lanre.

But the thing is, I like Farhan, I really like Farhan, Jhay should come and tell me it’s over lemme move on jor, but how can I be cool with him when his sister is one daft idiot who is my sworn enemy! We have always been enemies just because of an encounter we had at Chicken and Chillies, I accept I have anger issues but still, that doesn’t give anybody any right to treat me like shit, that idiot expected me to hold the door for her so she could pass which I didn’t, she wasn’t expecting me not to and the door smacked her right in the face and am not sorry, because her stupid baby boo, one useless Somto in 200level Architecture or what is even his course sef (that boy is into yahoo o) was shouting and making nonsense threats, odeh! As if I fear him and his fellow broke crew and fellow cult members, my dad would treat the shit out of their fuck up. It’s an advantage to be the only daughter of a military personnel Sha.

What was I saying before sef, ehn ehn, so I honestly don’t know what to do, my roommate is there watching movie on her stupid system and she has her earpiece on, she would talk to me tomorrow morning, that am sure of, that one is a wife material 10000000005458263385555 yards. I don’t even know what I would wear to class tomorrow and it’s Monday, jeeeez!!!! I have a 2page assignment to submit tommorow morning o, this is fuck up mehn! What else do I want to say ooo, okay okay one of my roommate’s friends birthday is next week, I might not go sef, what else o, I heard a girl in my…oh my gosh!!!! Farhan is calling, chow! I will wait for him to call for the second time before I pick eheheheheh, and Diary anybody that reads you without my permission is stupid, am going outside to receive his call when he calls back and my stupid roommate might peep into you. and you, Yes you are stupid!!!



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