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Read Episode 2 of Diary of a psycho girlfriend
Dear Diary
I have not been myself since the 14 of February, and I can’t bring myself to tell my roommate why I have been moody, how can I? When she came back three days after valentine with stuff I can’t bring myself to look at, I refused to even look at pictures of her and her Fiance, she had gotten annoyed and called me “bad belle” and I agreed.
She had ignored me for days thinking it was one of my “senseless mood swings”, she started paying attention to me when she found me soaked in tears while listening to Brandy’s Long Distance, I refused to tell her what or who is making me cry but I know she knows it has a lot to do with Jhay, he hasn’t been calling neither have I been calling him as well, how can he not compliment me? How could go on and on about his mother’s car but wouldn’t find the words to describe what I look like? And to think he was taking me to his parents house? What sort of rude shock is that? His sister doesn’t even like me, what if I look like a scarecrow in my shift dress…
I feel so miserable and empty, I hate my roommate and her happiness, her stupid Fiance calls almost every minute, jeez…I hate the fact that she is happy and am not, and that idiotic smile on her face when they are talking on phone annoys me.
I don’t think I would be attending the stupid Campus Blast this weekend, to hell with stupid Dbanj, Wizkid, and everybody else that stupid telecommunication company is bringing, everything and everyone is stupid…. Even this silly diary I am writing in is stupid, Jhay is stupid and whoever reads my diary without my permission is STUPID!


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