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Read Diary of a psycho girlfriend VII

Dear Diary,

Men are wicked, I swear men are really wicked, Farhan didn’t call back after that one time, and I had rushed outside to prepare myself for his second call, I bumped my leg against the shoe rack in the process and my roommate was laughing, I spent almost an hour outside with mosquitoes attacking me from every angle last night, I couldn’t even sleep on time and he didn’t call back till I fell asleep.

I felt so miserable ehn, I could not even concentrate in classes, and I missed 20marks again, the assignment is 20marks and I didn’t do it, and Prof. Fajuyi was just rambling on and on about Microbes, I have never liked his classes anyway, not since the day he asked me a question and I couldn’t give an answer, the foolish man made me stand in front of the class while he corrects me and even said something about toothpick girls that likes fashion but have empty brains, it is not my fault I carried over his course 3times and I am still carrying that same course, God knows have tried my best and any spill over weapon fashioned against me will go back to sender, amen!!! he ruined my rep with the carry overs because I always get to sit with smelly, unfashionable, awkward 100 level students, one of them was even asking me out, that idiot!, but that didn’t stop the coolest people in my department from giving me invites to really cool parties even though I hate almost every one of them. Yes Microbiology students are so stupid, they like to lick asses a lot and I don’t like it, I don’t like desperate people at all they embarrass me, I hate people sucking up to me like I hold the key to their destiny.

I saw Farida today as well with her scrawny looking boyfriend even though I heard she is stylishly going out with Fola Scott, one short boy with pomo lips that is in engineering, I don’t know why girls follow him like flies, he is so ugly hahaha, he is the African reincarnation of Shrek, just that his own ears look like those of an elf, it forms a number 7 shape when you are looking at him from the back, God so much ugliness for one person.

Eh ehn, that yesterday gist, hmmm there is one girl called Chinyere in my hostel, my hostel mates have been hush hush hushing about her sleeping with the man that owns our hostel, the funny twist to this gist is the man is said to be sleeping with her roommate and every girl in her crew, they said she does her own businesses with the man codedly and the can of worms got opened when one of her friends caught her shouting on him on phone for not sending the money for the abortion as promised. Smh that Chinyere girl is something else sef, that was how she was giving Jhay sexy eyes whenever he comes around and she sees him, that stupid idiot.

Talking about Jhay, he still hasn’t called, maybe I should just pity him and call him, he would be dying inside now, that am sure of, and didn’t they say the devil you have always known is better than the angel you just met? And also something keeps telling me that Farhan boy is as stupid as his sister, he looks like a player as well, I can feel it from the way he talks. Lemme go and prepare indomie and egg, laters.

And I got stained in class today, my period came unannounced, and it was one Muslim girl named Fatimah that gave me her Ankara gele. it was so embarrassing!


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