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Dear Diary!!!

Yay, am super excited! Remember the night class? I took Prof. Fajuyi’s boring material and a bottle of water.

Class was noisy as usual, I mean I get it when classes are noisy in the day, but at night? It can be frustrating at times when you go to class to prepare for one hot test or exam the next day. My room is a no no no for reading, I have a special relationship with my bed, there is something seductive about the bedspread that makes me want to lay on it and close my eyes when I read in my room. I hate the school library, I hate books and reading so the library is like a hellhole for me,besides all those serious academics will make you feel like a loser when you see them eating piles upon piles of book. I have only been to the library once and that was for my library card reg!

So, I had settled down to read prof. Fajuyi’s boring material, I had to start from the beginning, I had forgotten everything I had read or have I?

I was in the fifth page already, trying to get the divisions of microbes into my head when someone tapped me from the back. It was Farhan! I said a quiet Heyy and went back to reading. I wasn’t reading actually I thought he was going to come over and sit beside me, but he didn’t! I lost concentration and continued flipping through pages anyway, my neck and shoulders were aching already from trying to maintain my poise, I pretended I needed a drink and reached into my bag, I had not taken two sips of water when he asked if I can give him some too.

I felt somehow, that was too forward, but I passed the water bottle without looking at him after thoroughly cleaning the smudges my lip gloss left on the bottle. He returned it and said what he wanted is gone already, I pretended I didn’t hear him again and jammed my earpiece in my ears. I had stopped reading at this point and decided to surf the net instead. When it was almost 11pm, I left the class without saying goodbye.

I was almost at the gate of my hostel, when I felt someone pull at the cardigan around my waist, I screamed and yanked my earpiece of my ears, it was Farhan! I was so annoyed that I shouted and asked what he wanted.

He shrugged and started talking about how I was giving him attitude in class, maintaining my cool girl hand folded on the chest pose, I didn’t say a word. I turned to leave but he pulled me back again, jeez it felt good.. I pretended I was annoyed and ask him what was wrong with him upstairs. Eheheheh he then said his phone got stolen blahblahblah and he just got a new one, I was secretly pleased but I didn’t show him, he begged me for my number again and I gave him after acting like I wouldn’t.

As I made to leave again, he pulled me back into a warm hug and I responded, God knows I needed a warm hug, my head was singing ” yes yes thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus” When we felt a huge beam of flashlight on us. A man barked “Oya come here!”

Diary, it was the school’s security!!!



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