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Dear Diary,
It wasn’t easy deleting Farhan from my life and also my bbm, but I can’t block him on WhatsApp, I just can’t and have been receiving messages nonstop on WhatsApp from him, I have stopped picking his calls as well and NO, I don’t go to Coigne to eat anymore, that place is forbidden for now, Coigne is where majority of the coolest people in school hang out, their food is not that great tho, the sharwama tastes like soggy bread stuffed with rotten cabbages, but you get to meet really awesome people that can help you with… Stuff. I met Henry Sharkfish teeth there tho.
This week has not been awesome jor, Farida has been smiling at me a lot lately, she came to borrow my handbag yesterday, as much as I hate borrowing people my stuff I couldn’t say no, maybe I was surprised she came to ask me, maybe I needed her friendship so bad (I don’t think so!) maybe it’s her brother, I can’t place my head around the spirit that possessed me while I grin sheepishly and asked her to remove it from the bag hanger, she looked so surprised and rushed into her room to show me the outfit she wants to wear it with, she told me she would have carried a black bag instead but she felt my burnt orange handbag would totally nail the look, I couldn’t help but agree when I saw her at the faculty this afternoon, she was the one that screamed my name and waved grinning and looking stupidly beautiful in a white crocheted top, olive green pants, black heels and my beloved burnt orange bag, I couldn’t help my hand movement because I waved back much more enthusiastically while Fola Scott sat like a sack of beans looking very much like his Shreky self! Hian!
Did I mention I have stopped going to night class? Yes I stopped, I am avoiding Farhan and there are rumours snaking it way around school that some set of guys are gang raping girls that go for night classes! There is God ooo
My roomie had gone home, her morning sickness is getting the better off her, thank God she had left, Diary I nearly died from vomit smell, I stopped bathing in our bathroom till she left, I had to go to Tamuno’s room instead and Tamuno’s roommate is one nonsense Edo girl that loves looking for trouble, she doesn’t mind fighting every girl in CLEOPATRA hostel when it comes to her boyfriend, yes Ese is such a lover girl.
So, I have been sleeping alone and reading, yes I have actually been reading and I seem to be getting a hold of Prof. Fajuyi’s course, I had 10 out of 15 in the assignment I submitted, Water and Sewage microbiology is what am trying to put in my head right now, that course is…. I think am going to stop making weaves for some time, those weave ons are covering my destiny.
My mum called yesterday, very very unusual, I was wondering who died amongst my brothers since it is only my dad that checks up on me from time to time, he has been busy lately sha, with the Boko Haram bombings and mayhem, I miss him so much #tears. So my mum mumbled some few words about being a good girl and everything and ended it with her favourite line ” Lanre ranti omo eni t’onse” meaning Lanre remember the daughter of whom you are, duh like I don’t know my dad is Major Dotun Coker-Badmus, the woman sef.
I am going to drop the pen soon diary boo boo, you are my boo now since am boo less, it’s been long I kissed diary, Jhay was such a good kisser, I was waiting for the “Harlequinz romantic stare into each other’s eyes and take it from there” kinda kiss from Farhan, so sad there is an Amina he is hurting over, duh! Lord will fix them or not!
I gotta go, I am going to Farida’s room, the girl is kinda cool and did I mention I saw her with Kylie Jenner’s lip kit? BFF alert! I need to start something. Bye!
Operation 2: Befriend Farida!


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