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Dear Diary,

I am not understanding
I am not understanding
I am not understanding
I am not understanding what Prof. Fajuyi meant by cooperate, I only gave him a tight smile when he smiled at me then he went on and on about how he likes me, and how my face lights up his class, how he wished he is not married yet, and how he would love to take care of me, my mouth was hanging open when he was saying all this. What was that saying again? About people who seem really decent on the outside but are as messed up as the most indecent being on earth.

He asked me to leave, thank God I guess he sensed my dilemma, I saw the 100level class rep as he struggled to get a hold of the papers that were flying in every direction, I would have stopped to help him but I have my own baggage to deal with, my mind went to Farida, it seems only Farida knows the solution to my problem, I don’t care what she does with whatever I tell her, I can’t imagine Prof. Fajuyi telling me all that, the thought made me cringe.

Farida and Fola Scott were canoodling in the lovers arena, I walked up to them and cleared my throat loudly, Fola Scott looked up with daggers in his eyes but smiled when he saw me, Farida was about to start chattering when she saw my face, she excused herself from him and asked him to go to class, a kiss here, a peck there, Fola Scott carried his hippo like self towards the lecture theatre.

I told Farida everything that happened in Prof. Fajuyi’s office when we got to the hostel, while she listened and smiled from time to time, when I was done she asked me remind her of what she said about Prof. Fajuyi and onions, I was too confused to remember whatever it was she said about onions or Fajuyi whatever, her eyes went to the package she placed on my bed this morning and she asked why I haven’t ‘tasted’ it yet, I raised my brows showing her I don’t understand what she meant and what the package was meant for, she smiled and went into the kitchen, she asked if I have some noodles and I replied in the negative, then she went through my locker and found a satchet of Golden Penny spaghetti, smiling sheepishly she told me she’d prepare me GJ Spaghetti Bolognese while she and Natasha decides whether to or whether not to.

I was totally confused at this point but I just said ‘okay’, Natasha came into my room few minutes after, Farida was still busy in the kitchen, Natasha flopped on my bed and asked me what I want to do concerning Prof. Fajuyi, I was bewildered, how did Natasha find out? She waved her phone in my face like an answer to the question in my head and rolled her eyes before saying ‘Technology’.

Farida came out of the kitchen minutes after with a plate of hot funny looking spaghetti, ‘I added those ‘leaves’ Sugar and spice makes everything nice right’? She grinned and began to talk in whispers with Natasha while she urged me to eat it up, I was too confused, famished, tired and repulsed by what happened in Prof. Fajuyi’s office that I began to lap it up the moment she urged me to.
They both came to sit on both side of me, I was almost done with the meal then, Natasha was the first to ask if I’d love to be an Amazon, I asked her what Amazon is and she replied with ‘like girls guide’ sarcastically, ‘listen, it is just an organization of bunch of women who don’t take shit from nobody, we help the helpless and fight for the oppressed, especially girls like you’ she added quickly.

‘Really? Then I am in, let’s go be fucking amazons’ I screamed gleefully, I was feeling euphoric and sleepy all of a sudden, and I was hungry for more Spaghetti bolo whatever it was, Farida didn’t wait for me to ask for more before spooning another heap, I was halfway through with the second plate of food before I started losing track of their convo, the last thing I heard before I slept off was

‘Don’t worry Lanre, now he’d understand what is meant by Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


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