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Dear Diary,

I woke up with a horrible hangover the next morning after Aminah’s birthday party, all I could remember was Natasha splashing water on my face as I vomited upon entering my room, yes my room, they had to dump me in my own room because I vomited on myself at the party, I vomited twice on the ride back to the hostel as well inside Fola’s car, I didn’t know how sleep took over the moment my face touched the pillow.

The morning after was hell Diary, I didn’t even know what I felt, I only felt empty and “betrayed”. Or was I expecting too much from Farhan? Something keeps telling me there is more to whatever it was that happened or could happen between us both.

Farida and Natasha came to my room with breakfast and a mixture I was asked to drink, I felt better after taking whatever it is I was asked to take and funny enough they look bubbly and fresh, wow I was the only one vomiting like an idiot. I even vomited on myself, hahahah and we were unable to take pictures.. Oh they actually took some pictures when I was downing drinks after drinks.

We all avoided talking about what happened at the party till they left towards afternoon with Farida shrilly announcing she had to go make her hair and Natasha following suit and mumbling things I couldn’t catch. Wow

Ed Sheeran kept me company all day, I cleaned my room and soaked the vomit stained dress, I definitely need to go to church for “deliverance” I can’t understand something like this hitting me when I thought I had everything under control, my mum would be so pleased I am finally connecting with the “Lord”

My elder brother is always the best solace in this kind of situation but he is far away undergoing military training, it’s so sad phones are not allowed there, I really really miss him. And my little brothers would just laugh like the “boys” they are.

Prof. Fajuyi called me in the evening, I was lost for words I wondered where he got my number, he yapped yapped about how my performances in his surprise tests keep improving and how I need to keep it up. Really? Prof. Fajuyi? My number? This is the worst joke of the century, that man is so strict, he never laughs and his heart is as black as his complexion, I don’t just understand this pep talk of a thing.

I called the 100level class rep who apologized profusely saying Prof. Fajuyi asked him out of the Blues and he had no choice than to give him, I hung up on the poor boy, I was too pissed for words.

Farida and Natasha returned late in the evening and gave me what they got me at Coigne eatery, Sharwama, Suya and Ice cream, I smiled half heartedly and forced myself to eat, it tasted like paper stuffed with chicken, I was still trying to shove the Sharwama down my throat when my phone beeped. It was a text from Prof. Fajuyi and it reads

‘You are a good girl and you need mentoring and guidance, see me in my office on Monday, I should be around from 10am to 3pm. Take care and have a nice night.’

Did I just read that? Farida asked what was wrong when she saw my expression, I told her and she laughed while Natasha asked if he wants to chop onions, I asked what onions meant and they laughed harder.

Diary? Diary? Hello? I would be back when I get back from church.



  1. Avatarnelson

    Applaud your write up, couldn’t stop reading. However, your perception from a feminine perspective is brilliant, you must be a phycologist or very much interested in women. Anyways thanks for a brilliant write up.


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