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Read Diary of a psycho girlfriend XIX

Dear Diary,

I can’t remember when I woke up after eating the spaghetti Farida prepared for me, all I know is I woke up hungry, I felt like someone that has been denied food for years, the worms in my abdomen were on rampage they kept pulling and tugging at my intestines as I poured Milo into cornflakes in my haste, the normal me would have threw it into the sink because I hate Milo with cereal but oh boy, the hunger was out of this world. I finished it in few minutes, but the urge to fill the invisible spaces in my abdomen won’t stop me from rushing to the Hostel Buttery to get snacks. The women that sells snacks looked perplexed as I tore the nylon wrapper of the doughnut and took a big bite before I reached into my pocket to pay her.
Farida came into my room around 5:pm with an evil grin on her face, she asked how I feel and I told her I don’t know, but I have been acting like Ronke FFO since I woke up and I don’t know why, we both burst into laughter, Ronke is the fat short girl in History and International relations and she does have very cordial relationship with food and everybody that has food.

Farida asked if Prof. Fajuyi has called yet and I replied in the negative, she typed furiously on her phone with a frown on her face when she asked again if it was only Prof. Fajuyi that is asking me out, I replied in the positive this time around, I was about to get up from the bed to start sorting through the dirty clothes I wanted to wash at night when she asked me to get dressed.

I was taken aback and I guess that showed on my face, she hissed loudly and told me not to waste her time, ‘Fine it is about Fajuyi’ she said when she saw that I wasn’t ready to bulge.

Twenty minutes later, we were in a private cab on our way to God knows where, okay Farida knows but like the idiot I suddenly realized I am, I don’t know. Her mentioning Prof. Fajuyi worked like magic and I quickly dressed and followed her. It is past 6 already and we are still on the road, I tried asking her when we are going to get there but she was too busy on her phone, and she keeps receiving phone calls she ends with ‘fine fine fine.’

‘We are dropping here’ she said eventually and the cab man pulled up beside a public waste bin, the road is busy and there is life here, I became relaxed, she sensed what I was thinking because she smiled and said ‘take a chill pill, I am not selling you to Ritualists’ I laughed as well.

She crossed to the other side of the road while I followed suit, we walked towards a church and for a moment I thought we were going in, silly me. Farida stopped for a few minutes when we got to the front of the church and looked around then she walked leisurely around the church, checking the coast was clear she beckoned at me to follow her and we set out into a thick forest, well not a forest actually but there are trees, big trees and no houses, no shops, no coughs nothing that can reassure me that all was well.

I was about to ask where we were going to when she dug her hands into the varsity jacket she was wearing and brought out a cigarette! Farida smokes! Farida smokes oooo. She turned and saw me staring ‘What’ she asked as she took a long pull at the cigarette ‘You have never seen a girl smoke before’ she puffed in my face and continued ‘Come on we are running late’ I contemplated running back to school or wherever I can run to but not with Farida but a tiny voice told me I am going to be a dead meat if I do.

My mother’s voice kept repeating ‘Remember the daughter of whom you are’ while I sob and sniff loudly, Farida seem oblivious to this as she continued to prance on like a little girl promised candy.
I didn’t even know we had gotten there yet until Farida stopped suddenly ‘What now’? I asked with a shaky voice as I looked around but all was pitch black! She didn’t reply, she removed the remaining cigarette from her mouth and stepped on it, she then took a deep breath and began to ululate, several voices replied her by wailing loudly in response, my heart was in my mouth and my legs were wobbly, there was rustling of leaves for few minutes and all was quiet again, suddenly a huge light shone in my face and I fainted.
I woke up to Farida looking at me with irritation, I was still trying to figure out how I got there when I heard ‘The learner should kneel’ I started remembering following Farida out, hailing a taxi and…

‘The learner should kneel before the high priestess this minute’ the voice said again, the events began to dawn on me and I was about to ask Farida what was going on when a hot blinding slap landed on my face, ‘Kneel before the high priestess this minute!’ I couldn’t even see whoever it was that was talking to me, I dragged myself into a kneeling position while hot tears brim down my face. Hot pee was seeping through my jeans and I kept asking myself what I had gotten myself into.



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