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Read Diary of a psycho girlfriend XX

Dear Diary,

I am crying seriously as I write this, I mean can life get any worse? Who can I turn to? Who can I share my problems with? I don’t think I am safe anymore, neither is my family. I can’t believe I walked into a trap with my eyes wide open, I used to be the type to judge people for their stupidity, but I am more stupid than stupid could be.

I contemplated calling Toke this morning but she might be busy working or studying, poor girl I envy her right now, I wish I can just switch places with her and have her life till the end of the session, why is my life spiraling out of control in 400 level, why?
I can’t call not receiving the “oath” as Farida called it a blessing or curse, I was on my period when I went to the Amazon meeting venue with Farida, after receiving enough slaps to reset my learner brain I was asked why I wanted to become an Amazon, I can’t remember what I said because I was too confused, scared to understand any of what she was saying or whatever it was I replied with, Farida was asked to give me the calabash containing the bonding wine, by this time someone had already made a small campfire, I could make out the forms of women but I could not see their faces, all of them were wearing black berets and they had black stuff painted on their faces, the person referred to as the high priestess was the only one without the beret, she was sitting on a chair or so, her hair was well packed into a pony tail, she wore a long black gown and she looks like she is pretty from what I saw but she is tiny, I can knock her out with a punch if we ever get involved in a fight. I was asked to taste the wine when someone asked if I am pure, I looked bemused wondering what she meant by pure, the lady that slapped me earlier interpreted it in plain language and asked if I was on my period or not, I answered in the positive, there were shouts of disapproval which gave way to hush when the high priestess swept her eyes around, as tiny as she is, she seemed to command great respect, none of them looks at her straight in the eye. The lady who slapped me asked the high priestess if she can still give me the wine, the high priestess objected and said I am going to ruin things in my impure state and the potency of the pledge would be ruined, I heaved a sigh of relief which was met with a sharp jab on my right shoulder. That girl was so mean.
The high priestess asked if I have lover, I replied with No, she then asked if I had been sexually involved with anyone before, common sense whispered to me to say yes, she laughed and repeated her question and I said yes for the second time, she then asked if I am ready to surrender and join the most prestigious organization in the whole of Nigeria that would change my life for the best.

‘ I don’t think so’ I replied in a small voice and the lady who had been slapping me since I got there gave me a kick in my back, ‘Let her be’ the high priestess commanded, she asked me why I am indecisive and if I am ready to move from being a girl into a woman, if I want to possess the third eye, I replied with ‘ I don’t know’ again, this was met with murmuring from the other members which was again silenced with a sweeping gaze by the High priestess.

She summoned Farida and asked her why she brought her a log, I could hear Farida talking and trying to convince the high priestess that I am willing to join but everything seem strange to me, the high priestess burst into laugher when Farida said this and called out to Chief, Chief turned out to be the lady that was slapping me, she asked her to do the needful to Farida and Farida was whipped mercilessly in my presence without shedding a tear or sniffing!

The high priestess dismissed the meeting, I waited for Farida to leave where she had been flogged before I stood up, then I shakily moved towards her, she started walking towards where we came from and I knew I was free. I made up my mind not to ever ever return with Farida to that hellish place, it seems Farida knew what was going on in my head, because she stopped me when we got to the front of the church and warned me not to think about running away or reporting to the police. I asked her why she’d involve police talk, she looked alarmed for a moment and composed herself, we were lucky to get a taxi back to school on time and we didn’t exchange a word till we got to the hostel, neither did we bade each other goodnight as we went to our separate rooms, now I am used to sleeping alone.

I can’t for the life of me join the Amazon, something doesn’t sound right about them.

Farida came to join me at the laundry while I was washing my clothes, Tekno’s Pana blared from her headset as she took a sit in front of me, she was chewing gum carelessly and she looks every inch like a… I don’t even know. She played with the soap sud as she chewed away and I seized the opportunity to ask her some questions

‘ What’s up with the Amazon Farida? Who are you people? I was expecting something else entirely from what I saw this evening, and those slaps? For what? Was that a training? You owe me an apology you know that!’

Farida cackled and nearly choked on her gum, she removed it and threw it away casually ‘You don’t seize to amaze me, oh you were expecting women wielding spears that’d beat up your Fajuyi? Or you were expecting women in suits who would write a petition against him? We can actually do both if you join us’

‘Join you? I don’t think so, the way your organization is set is barbaric, I can’t… ‘

Farida stopped me mid sentence by asking ‘ Do you want to die? Yes you heard me do you want to die? Please you are almost an initiate, the period delayed the process whether you wanted to or not you’d have become an Amazon today ‘ she paused the music on her phone and faced me ‘You know what’s up already, you can’t be left off the hook, besides who doesn’t need a military protection, I heard stuff about your cute dad and the high priestess needs a new lover’

‘what!’ I blurted as she looked at her well manicured nails as if they were the 8th wonder of the world.

‘I used to be her favourite’ she continued but she had me punished today, hmmm’ she stood up from where she sat and walked back to her room while I was left utterly perplexed as her words continued to ring in my head.



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