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Read Diary of a psycho girlfriend XXI

Dear Diary,

The week moved in a haze, I wasn’t myself in school, I barely listened to lectures and I have started drinking again, it got so bad that I missed classes, Prof. Fajuyi would call me nonstop until I picked and gave him a stupid reason why I was unable to attend his classes, now I am his favourite.

Life’s good.

I slept throughout the day and drank throughout the night, Farida still spends some time with me but all she does is remind me of the next meeting.

‘Remember to return your period to where it is coming from next Saturday o’ was her mantra, Natasha doesn’t say anything but she always have this lost look on, like she is thinking of places far away from us, and she would follow Farida in a daze when she was done tormenting me.

My roommate called this morning to tell me some crap about having a horrible nightmare about me, she can tell that to the dogs with her pregnant self, I wonder if amniotic fluids is seeping into her brain, she talks crap most of the time now, I wish her safe delivery if she would stop bothering me and let me continue to enjoy the two beds to myself in peace!

Toke that I thought would understand my dilemma only laughed excitedly, encouraging me to join, she thinks it is a sorority and said it would make me cooler than I was. She asked for the name and was quite disappointed when I said Amazon, it sounded dry and ordinary, she thinks so too ‘why not Ma kappa kappa tau? Or Theta Sigma chi? Or…’ I stopped her from going on with the names and lied that I would soon exhaust my airtime. Toke won’t give up, she called back immediately and started telling me about the cute guy that just started working at the restaurant and how she is going to make him ask her out on a date, she told me about the night school and how things are going from bad to worse, how her mum’s husband tried to sleep with her when she visited her and the worst part of everything is her mum not believing her when she reported him.

‘ Lanre I want your life, I so much want to be you right now, your mum is the perfect mum ever, she looks out for you… ‘ every other thing she said after sounded miles away, I fell asleep on my cousin, for the first time in years she had been away, I couldn’t even bring myself to call her back the next morning.
I left my room to take a long walk when music and alcohol wasn’t enough, I strolled past the library ( I still hate that hellhole), Faculty of Agriculture, The school’s bookshop, Information Development Centre, The Fun Arena.
I could swear I saw two people making out in the dark at the Fun Arena, I wonder why some students behave like animals, it is pathetic to see people on heat and getting it on in public, Konji nah real bastard.

I was almost at the school’s stadium when I saw a tall figure walking towards me, the person would have bumped into me if I didn’t move away, he mumbled an incoherent apology and walked on, I think realization dawned on us both at the same time because I stopped at the same time he stopped. It was Farhan!

Lord Jesus! My life is a movie, why Farhan now? And yes I was dressed in black, all black everything, my black hoodie, black sweatpants and black palm sandals, he was wearing a Grey Jalabia that added few inches to his height and he has grown more beards or he stopped shaving, and he smells like kisses and hugs.

‘ Hey Miss Black’ he said from where he stood, he removed the earpiece from his ears and sighed.

‘ Hi’ I swallowed, this is embarrassing, I was feeling warm inside, my throat felt like I stuffed bread in it, my hands were cold all of a sudden, I could feel myself twitching my toes.

‘ I used to ask of you from Reedah, hope you are good?’ he brought out his phone quickly and typed furiously on it, then he put it back into his pocket, he has nice legs, and he was wearing shorts under the voluminous Jalabia, and his legs reminds me of Calvin Klein male models. Lanre stop it!

‘ yeah, she… She uhm well she you know isekafunjikololo’

‘ pardon’ he said in his chocolate and vanilla ice cream voice

I don’t even know what I said, wait, what did I say? ‘ Yeah, Farida delivers your messages, I wonder why you ask of me, we are not even friends? When did the fondness start? I mean you are the Adonis of your faculty, everybody is your friend, you have lots of friends’ I prattled on, my arms were akimbo already and the sassy alter ego is back.

He laughed gently, then he started laughing seriously, he bent over and laughed harder, I was getting annoyed already, he thinks am a joke? He thinks am a joke!
He stopped laughing but he was still smiling, he moved towards me and I took a step back, he seemed to ask why with his eyes and I answered ‘common sense’ .

‘You knew what I was thinking’ he moved closer, and held my hands, then he looked down into my eyes, I used to think I was tall, he is taller than I am.

‘ I don’t understand you at times Lanre, why do you blow hot this minute and you are cold the next? Why are you playing the ice queen when you really have a warm heart’ I was staring at his lips as he spoke.

‘ I don’t have a warm heart, wait why do you think you know me?’ I forced my voice to sound steady.

‘ I do not think, I know you. I can read you, your eyes are telling me something right now, I don’t know about your heart though’ he dropped my left hand and touched my chest, I shuddered, I thought he wanted to touch my boobs. Jeez

‘ See, your heart is warm, stop forcing it, let the warmth spread out, stop frowning, it gives you wrinkles’ he chided.

Wait, I was frowning? I touched my head with my free hand and smoothen the imaginary wrinkles, he laughed while I was doing this, I don’t know what was funny but I laughed too, then we started laughing seriously, and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Diary, his lips was on mine the next minute, and magic started happening, my head was reeling, Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!. I was getting weak my legs was giving way to my emotions, I was off the ground, he carried me, how it happened I can’t remember but he straddled me to him and deepened the kiss.

And my troubles drifted away with every kiss.



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