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Dearest Diary ooo!

Men are indeed under the snares of women, Samson’s secret was revealed to the Philistines by his beloved Delilah.

Prof. Fajuyi has been spoiling me rotten and it is scary, just three days and he is already talking about making me second wife, I laughed heartily when he said it, he must be dreaming!

I am practicing the mermaid style even if Farida and her crew say I shouldn’t I would never give in to Fajuyi’s sexual demands, I had to tell him I am a born again Christian the day he asked me to kiss him but he pretended he wasn’t listening and I pretended like I didn’t hear too, I wriggle out of meeting him at an hotel every time by lying on headache or my period.

Farida said I should wait for an order from the high priestess before I make any move so I am still waiting.

Farhan won’t stop calling and I eventually agreed to see him when he told me he just wants to talk.
I refused to meet him at Coigne and we decided to meet at the park instead, the atmosphere is more convenient and relaxing unlike the fake airs surrounding Coigne besides it would remind me of the last time I was there.

Farhan was wearing a sky blue Kaftan and was looking every inch like an Hausa man, my thoughts strayed to the boko haram bombings and attacks on innocent people, not all northerners are wicked neither are Muslims terrorists. I can’t imagine someone like Farhan burning churches and shooting at defenseless people in the name of religion.

” How have you been Lanre?” He brought me out of my thoughts with his question and stared deep into my eyes
” Fine, I guess” I sighed and I caught him scrutinizing me ” What is it?”

“Nothing, I find it hard to believe I have only seen you once in the day” he still wouldn’t look away and my eyes are hurting from staring too hard already, two can play this game and this is not the time to relax my stare.

” Lady of the night, everything about you is so dark…” “Thank you “I interrupted
” That wasn’t a compliment but this is, you have a comforting darkness the type that keeps you warm like a blanket on a cold harmattan morning, your eyes are brown and big they look like you are startled every time but you are actually prepared, getting to know you is easy but understanding you is like running through a maze blind folded, you have abrupt turns and hidden bends, you are… not a typical everyday sweet girl you are one hell of a psycho but… ” he rolled a wayward braid that has freed itself from the rough plait I gathered my hair into while rushing to meet up with him.

” But… I love it and I love you “I went into a fit of giggles and I couldn’t help attracting passersby,” sorry, sorry, sorry ” I managed to utter some apologies while I tried to stop myself from giggling, Farhan was staring at me with the same look in his eyes and he wasn’t shocked a bit, that stopped me, I was expecting him to be bewildered and even pissed.

” That wasn’t funny” his voice sounded more serious but the look on his face was still the same and he was still staring at me, I did not find it adorable at all, I concentrated fully on his face now and relaxed my stare, all I saw was pretty Adonis with the Devil’s horn, not today Satan, not today.

” I am sincerely sorry about Amina, that stuff was really messed up and I had to deal…” “what is all this about again? “I cut him off and brought out my phone, I put on my bored look and started surfing the net.

” well… I uhm wanted to talk and you know… ”
” Yeah, but you have been telling me stories for the past how many minutes now? I have a lot to do ” I dialed my friend’s number in his presence and excused myself, Femi is the type to crack you up with jokes and imaginary tales about his numerous girlfriends, I couldn’t help laughing and the call went on for more than 10mins against the 5mins I planned.

Farhan was still staring at me, he looked like he was about to cry, he sighed when he saw me replying Whatsapp chats and asked if I really need to go, “Yes” , I replied and smiled at him sweetly. He was about to rise from the bench we were sitting on when I pulled him back
“OMG, you have to see this, it says the SU president was caught cheating during a test! Woah” he looked uninterested as I showed him the disgraced SU president,

” What will happen to him now?” I asked, ” I don’t know” he mumbled.
I zipped up my hoodie and stood up from the bench ” I would see you later, bye” I waved and made to leave, he stood up to see me off. I could swear I heard a sniff.

He turned back in front of my hostel without a word and I went straight to my room to find Farida sitting on my bed with Natasha, she gave me a dirty look as I said hello and hissed loudly when I went into the bathroom.
Farida was still looking at me like I was a vermin that just crawled out of the slums
“What now?” I asked.
” You bitch! You disgusting filthy bitch! What the fuck do you want with my brother! What the fuck do you want again! What is it!” She came to stand in front of me and sized me up then she hissed loudly again.

Natasha watched calmly expecting me to react, I just stood and sized Farida up too, it wouldn’t take me more than two minutes to knock her out despite her being a bit fleshy than me.

I continued staring back at her and she got tired and pushed me off with her shoulders and banged the door as she left the room.

” I guess you don’t have a brother, I wonder why you are still here are you not supposed to follow her” I asked Natasha

” No” she said weakly.

“Suit yourself then” I went into the kitchen to prepare noodles, Farida can go and die, she definitely needs her head checked if she wants to marry her brother she can go ahead. I heard the door close gently as I placed the pot on the Cooker, Farida’s dog has decided to follow her. Good.

I went back into the room to wait for the water to boil and I saw a note on my bed. It was from Natasha.



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