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‘’Lanre, ur stupidity is amazing. i have kept this letter for long and i cant add more to it lest Farida sees me, u made a huge mistake the day u told her profsor Fajuyi was asking u out. i tried to warn u with my body language not to listen to what Farida was telling u about the Amazons but u were high on Spaghetti then.Amazon is a secret organization that lures u into their nefarious activities with promises of protection,defense,goodgrades and all that shit.they have nothing to offer except training u to become a hardened female criminal if you make it past the university stage.
The high priestess is one stupid mudafuking old hag of a lesbian who has deliberately failed herself three times so she could remain in school. The only thing they can do for u concerning profsor Fajuyi is killing him and dumping his body where no one would ever fnd it.remember Dr Oshoola? He was pestering me then,i hope u know the ed of the story. the hig prestess takes fresh, new recruit as lovers, u would spend the remaining months u have got in school sucking away at her vagina, yes i have done and so has Farida, but that doesn’t mean Farida would stop being her favourite. They will use your dads influence as a military man in ways you never imagine, the bonding wine that was meant to seal u in, it is blood of every member collected into one calabash ,i hope you have not drank it yet? forget whatever they say about u being an amazon already without the oath,the oath seals u in,the hig priestess is a pimp too,she will pass u around like it is no mans business, RUN FOR UR LIFE before it is too late, tell ur family, do not become an Amazon. They have ruined my life completely there, the high priestess got me gangraped becase i had a boyfriend while i was still her lover in hundfred level ,do not act like you got anything when you see me, takia’’.

I was breathless by the time I finished reading Natasha’s note, what am I to do? My mum would die of hypertension thirty times before thinking of a solution while my poor Dad is away in the north. As for Prof.Fajuyi, it is high time i grow my own pair of balls and handle my own problems myself, so I am not an Amazon already after all? Farida tried with the mind games she was playing. Should I call my uncle instead or my cousin? Oh yes, it would be better letting Duro know instead of my uncle with his loose keg of a mouth.

My Indomie was done but I had already lost my appetite, I was about to do the needful and throw it in the bin when a loud noise pierced through the stillness of the evening, I locked the door, turned off the lights and went to crouch at the back of my wardrobe. The disjointed clanging of a ball tells me a male porter is around, I peeped through the kitchen window and I saw girls from different blocks following the porters ,they were coming towards my block, I opened the door and stood in front of my room, the male porter walked past me and stood in front of Natasha and Farida’s room, he inserted a spare key into the keyhole. The female porter was slightly shaking as she maintained a safe distance.

From the murmurings around, I learnt the girl in the room next to Natasha and Farida’s had heard sounds of struggle and had gone to knock on their door to try and pacify the two of them, she thought they were fighting ,when her efforts seemed not to be working, she went to go and tell the porter on duty that some people are breaking one of the hostel rules which is Fighting in the hostel.

The Porter met the door locked when she went to caution them while the struggling inside continued, The porter had rushed to her desk to go and fetch the spare key and she was looking for it when she and everybody in the hostel heard the scream, the male porter/carpenter/plumber/bricklayer/electrician was summoned and now we are here.
He succeeded in opening the door, the male porter jumped back a bit, the female porter peered through his shoulder and let out a heart-rending scream, the girls who rushed to peep started screaming too, the female porter clasp her hands over her head and began to run downstairs.

I pushed through the girls taking pictures on their phone while they shook their head, what I saw nearly made me run mad, it was Natasha spread eagle on her bed, there was a deep gash on her head, one of her eyeballs is missing, her tongue is lolling out and there is blood everywhere.



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