Read Diary of a psycho girlfriend XXVI

Dear Diary,

Ese followed me when I left the room, it was almost 12:00am but I did not care, I wanted to get the note and keep it in a safe place. In case.. just in case.

Ese asked me to be quiet when opening the door so that “somebody no go snatch us from behind”. Her roommate did not care, she only locked the door when we left the room.

My room was as I left it since Natasha’s murder, the indomie I wanted to throw into the bin has rotten and it gave the room an offensive smell. The fan that was not on did not help matters.

Ese locked the door and turned on the light, she went to carry the stirring stick my roommate used to prepare Eba and other solids ” just in case nah, as the Edo girl that I IS, no time for dulling” she smiled and urged me on in my search for what I did not lost.

I remember putting it in my purse beneath the ATM card, but I have emptied the purse inside out and I can’t find it. I broke into cold sweat and patiently sat on the cold tiled floor while I started checking my purse carefully, all over again.

The note is not inconspicuous, my chest felt hot. I scratched my head repeatedly and began to tremble.

” what is it?” Ese asked still guarding the door.

” I left something in my purse but I can’t find it” I started turning everything I emptied out of my purse upside down, perhaps it could be glued to one of them.

Ese shook her head and said we should leave the room since I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

” Is it important or what now?” she was getting pissed already, Ese does not like ‘serenre’, besides the only reason she offered to follow me earlier was because I have never dragged a man with her.

We left the room but I carried my purse with me and I resumed checking till the voice of Adhan called Muslims to prayer, Ese’s roommate Tamuno who woke up to pray shook her head when she saw me.

I went to the police station very early, I met the female detective and she asked more questions, there and then I confessed and told her everything from the beginning, from Fajuyi to Farida, to the secret place and the note and it disappearance, I was crying by the time I was done with all I was saying.

The detective had no emotions on her face as she pushed the box of tissue paper towards me, she sat forward and asked in a clear voice

” Have you heard about Farida’s disappearance?”

I nodded and continued to sob

” we would need you to take us to the place you both went with the other day, you are not to tell anyone what we have discussed and call me when you have something to tell me” she wrote her number on a paper and gave it to me.

I left the station and board a cab to school, my project supervisor called to ask if I would be able to round off the project before exams start or it would be after, he told me to take all the time I need and asked me to take care of myself. I didn’t listen to Prof. Fajuyi when he asked me to stall my project, it has been a while since he called.

I had left him hanging at the hotel last week and he got mad at me, Farida had told me they would take care of things but it would be after I took the oath, but I am tired, I am tired! Lord I am tired!!!

I got to the school around noon and met some students talking with hush voices around the Love Arena, I felt eyes on me and I turned and saw people staring at me. They didn’t even drop their stares, they looked at me like they wanted me to just die or get struck by thunder.

I managed to drag myself to the Keke napep but the moment I got there everyone of the tricycle drivers walked away pretending they have some things to attend to, even Christopher – my on hand Keke services provider carried a kettle and said he wants to observe Solat.

I trekked to the hostel, when I got to the gate, some girls were gathered beside Storex tank that leads into the hostel, they were clapping and covering their mouth with their hands, they saw me and they all fell silent.

I rushed to Ese’s room, she was sitting on the bed making Tamuno’s hair, when I entered Ese screamed “Iye mee!, Osanobua ooo!” She carried all the hair equipments and ran outside.

Tamuno looked at me and said gently
“Lanre, I know you you are not a murderer”

“What! They think I killed Natasha? Weren’t you there when the door was opened? I-iiiii-iiii… ” Tamuno stopped me from stressing myself.

” Prof. Fajuyi is dead” she dropped the sentence like a time bomb and left the room before it could explode.

My head was reeling, I sank to the ground and wished it would open and end all this miseries, I was gasping as I picked my phone and Googled his name. The results came up.

“Shot in the head in front of his house”
“Unidentified people wearing hoods”
“Final year microbiology student suspected”

I opened the third result and read,

Prof. Raymond Subomi Fajuyi was shot at gunpoint in front of his house in the early hours of today. He was said to be returning from a vigil with his wife when unidentified people stopped them and ordered them out of the car.
A 400 level microbiology student whom everyone knows as Prof.Fajuyi’s new found sugar girl is suspected to be responsible, sources in microbiology department said the student whose name is Lanre Coker-Badmus had boasted and swore to see the end of Prof. Fajuyi, the sources further said the Professor was in the habit of failing the said girl repeatedly.
“it is revenge” a hundred level student says to our correspondent.
The said student is said to be a major suspect in the murder of Natasha Olisakwe, a final year student of Biochemistry and the kidnap of Farida Balarabe, the daughter of Alhaji Balarabe Hassan who owns Balarabe and sons construction company.
Professor Raymond Subomi Fajuyi. JP is survived by his wife and four children. His remains have been deposited at the mortuary.

I died and resurrected, I couldn’t feel my hands, I was still sitting and wondering what to do when the Porter who never liked me and Ese entered the room with two policemen.

“There she is, she is the one that is killing everybody” the Porter said pointing at me.

” If you will stand up please… “I didn’t wait for him to finish before I stretched forth my hands, everyone was shouting excitedly as I entered the police van, the click click click of pictures being taken and poooin poooin of videos getting recorded haunted me till I was nudged into my cell.

Hope has died, the light at the end of the tunnel has gone out everything is as dark as the cell.



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