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“Those fools will pay” the person in hood swore and washed the stained knife. Smiling at the smooth killing of the two idiots who helped in killing Prof. Fajuyi, the person in hood used a towel to mop away the water gathering at the edge of the sink. The kitchen houses the best killing equipment the person in hood thought as an apple was dug into with strong white teeth.

It doesn’t matter the number of people that goes down, what has to be done must be done. Smiling wistfully, the person in hood remembered how 10 year old Sammy had begged and cried for his mummy before getting pushed off the balcony, the remains of the poor boy was discovered by a woman hawking bread and Akara. There was uproar and people blamed the mechanic next door who had grudges with Sammy’s father. Sammy’s mother had pulled close the little one who was Sammy’s playmate as if another Sammy would be created from the hug.

” You would really miss Sammy won’t you? ” everybody asked. If only they knew Sammy was pushed off the balcony for refusing to surrender his toy car that has a remote.

Parents have a funny way of discovering things late, and when they realized their child has a psychotic disorder they decided to take laws into their own hands, they went about things in secret and bought drugs a Doctor had prescribed for them. The shame was too much, how can they tell the world their only child has a mental illness? How can they tell the world about the girl who lost her memory and broke her spinal cord in an accident in school? How can they tell the world it was their child that saw to the girl’s misfortune? All that was covered up, and with time and drugs and money. They thought their child was normal.

Tantrums and withdrawals were not noticed, and when their child passed WASSCE and JAMB, they had no problem letting their child go to school, drug stashes were thrown into the bin, they made up for all that with huge sums of money in form of allowance, the father was super elated, the mother showed off her offspring to everyone who cared or doesn’t. Her only child, her pride has gained admission into the most prestigious University in the country. They choose not to let their child leave the country so that they can be “monitoring” the child. Even though they barely see their child till the end of every semester, and even at that, they have meetings that take them away for the better part of most days.

Taking a deep breath, the person in hood cross checked the plans and everything mapped out in a journal, the next target would not be easy to take out like Natasha and Fajuyi, there is too much attention now.

Remembering the compliments from everybody when the Hood jacket was first draped over the perfect body, another smile passed over the well carved face, how true the saying ” face of an angel, mind of the devil” but what has to be done must be done, nothing must stand between man and his goals. Whoever tries to compromise must be taken out, stupid blabbing fool Natasha who ought to have poisoned the betrayer Farida, but she wouldn’t, not even at threats of killing her. But Natasha owes a debt and she refused to pay.

Snorting the white substance loudly, the person in hood removed the trainers that is beginning to become uncomfortable and flopped on the huge sofa that looks so inviting in the huge living room.

The sofa swallows everything the person in hood smiled as the sofa became a cocoon, it is annoying being at home but there was no choice, the parents were worried about the killings, parents can be dramatic at times but not being around school makes it easier to track the targets without nosy people asking unnecessary questions.

He still hasn’t called yet, could it be because of that bitch or Farida? That bumbling idiot, he should be killed too if not, if not…

“Arrgh”the person in hood became furious and threw the flower vase against the wall, the artworks in the living room were not spared. Ceramics and porcelain were turned into rubbles. The curtains refused to give in to the pulling and tugging, seriously feeling the urge to mete out rage on someone, the person in hood ran to the big apartment at the back of the house. It was a gift for having a GP of 4:80 in year 2 at school.
“Your own home “the parents had said

It was 10:00pm on a Saturday night and everywhere was quiet, the parents were out for a dinner hosted by a friend. The maids were asleep.

It was hard putting key into the lock in rage, taking calming breath the key entered this time. Patience is annoying. The lights were off but the all paths of the apartment the person in hood knows so well.

Carefully opening the bathroom with another key, the person in hood turned on the light. The idiot was dozing already. Would a slap do or would a bottle of water serve the need? Grinning maliciously, the person in hood returned with a bottle of cold water, without making a sound, the bottle was emptied on the body of the hapless one sitting on the cold floor in a pool of water. Bumps and cuts decorate the face of the one who has resigned her self to doom.

The coldness was a shock, the one tied down jolts up and starts shivering, the person in hood kicks and rains blows on the one tied up. Satisfied, the person in hood removes the tape on the mouth of the one tied up

“How do you feel? would you like some water?” a slap followed this question as the one tied up nods in the positive, the tape was firmly sealed upon the mouth of the one tied up.

The person in hood stands and leaves the bathroom not forgetting to lock the door.

Farida rests her head against the wall as hot tears stream down her face.


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