For followers of American history, the klu klux klan is not a strange term to your ears, to those who knows nothing about them, they are a group of people more of an organization that preaches white supremacy, and other extremist values which results in the death of people especially negroes, destruction of lives and properties, their activities were not heard of again until Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 when their chapters grew from 70 to 190 .

Donald’s campaign slogan “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” now has the undertone “MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN “, despite condemnation from people, media and organizations, his popularity continues to wax stronger, he is by far the most influential of other presidential candidates despite his outrageous statements and opinions on issues affecting America.

Donald has shown the world where majority of white Americans really stands, whereas Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are gaining supports with their presumed appropriate opinions and campaigns and rallies.

Donald Trump refused sponsors and lobbyists and decided to fund his campaign with his own money affording him the freedom to steer his campaigns in any direction he wants, while many are quick to call Donald a raging mad man, I admire his funding his campaign by himself.

Lots of black people have suffered racial attacks and all, police brutality, discrimination which always get covered, white Americans have pretended for too long, now the masks are off, enough of the liberal Bullshit about white Americans, they never loved black people and neither will they ever love us, they only admire our mannerism, dressing, food and other things related to black culture and it is sad there is no black candidate contesting anymore, Ben Carson chickening out is disappointing.

With fears expressed all over about the lives and safety of black people/Muslims and illegal immigrants in America when Donald becomes president, I tell you Sanders may become the winner just to satisfy majority of you all but trust me those that would really do the ruling are worse than the monster everyone says Donald is, I say Donald Trump deserves to be thanked for exposing what majority of Americans still thinks of Black people and Muslims.

what are your thoughts on American politics?.


    1. kanzahadminkanzahadmin Post author

      Obviously they are not, it is high time African leaders stop following them and what they say like sheep without a Shepherd.

  1. Avataralmustarpha

    I am not very politically saavy but
    Something I find to be very underappreciated about the American political system amongst Americans is that each member of congress (ideally) votes according to the best interests of his or her constituency and/or his or her own principles, rather than being forced by their party to vote according to the party platform or the policy of the party’s leader, which is customary in many parliamentary countries.
    I do realise that in actuality an American politician is much more likely to vote whichever way would enhance their own personal wealth or political or business connections, but I like the ideal.
    In addition, this may be considered a little outside of the strict topic of politics, but I can’t emphasise enough how important having a fully codified constitution containing a bill of rights is.
    The worst things about the American political system stem from just how old it is. It was way ahead of its time in the 1700s and has served as inspiration for many other countries to come afterwards, but it has a lot of weaknesses because of this. Things like how districts can be so easily gerrymandered, the electoral college, the lack of run-off elections or an instant run-off system which routinely result in candidates getting elected without an absolute majority, the lack of a structure that supports publicly funded elections and the related problem of the candidate with the most money winning 90%+ of the time, things like that.
    Again, this may not be considered strictly politics, but the US Supreme Court being so partisan and becoming like an unelected second senate is a huge problem too.

  2. Avatarblogspotblogger2020

    Yes! Drump obviously would be a bad president but that shouldn’t make Hillary Clinton the best person for the job. Hillary is a green snake under green grass. The two are big devils,but with this dilemma, one has to choose between the two devils.


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