Who ask you? Who ask you? Before you carry your overworked body into a business that does not consign you, ask yourself “who ask me” ?


Wednesday should be a gossip off day for everyone because on this day I don’t mind your business, I don’t mind their business, neither do I mind my business.

Anyways, one thing one thing took me to the bank, I was on the queue patiently waiting for my turn, it is rare seeing less than 30 people on a queue in a GT bank so I was lucky to be the 7th on a queue of 10 people. Jeje n jeje o, as I waited for my turn my earpiece was on the highest volume and my body was getting some anointing from Beyoncé’s silky voice, then I felt a tap on my shoulder and one Uncle somebody requested to use my pen (nah wa all this people wey dey go bank without pen) when Uncle somebody finished using my pen, he tapped me again to return it and I accepted it saying “you are welcome” then I felt a tap again, nah wetin!

“Do you know tuning your music to the highest is not good for your ears?”

I looked at him too dazed for words and he continued ” haven’t you been told? Remove that thing from your ear” that was when I fully turned to face him and I saw him in all his ankara glory with his Indian style moustache. I gave him the “so what”? look before turning to the front.

I was furious, what business of his is it? To the extent of rebuking me like I am a primary 2 pupil and he is my Daddy. I don’t mind people correcting me but there are some times you just have to shush your mouth and look the other way. This manner of unnecessary nosyness is really rampant among Nigerians, they will bring their blackberry charger nose from nowhere and poke it into your business without permission.

“Ha, you are drinking honey and water, it is not good for your body o, one of my…. ”

“Why are you using diapers for your baby, you are doing like all those ajebutter people”

“What is your gp in school”

“Why did your mother allow you out of her house dressed like that”

With the way we Nigerians interfere in other people’s business, if we invest that time in our business or use it in helping others. The world would be a better place, Nigeria would be a better place. If we must correct, we should be polite and not malicious about it and it is not everything we have to correct every demn time! The way other folks handle their business can never be the same with yours. Just because a little girl talks back at her mother right in front of you doesn’t mean you have to remove your slippers and beat the devil out of her, who knows maybe yours drag you by your ears in your own home. Remove the apollo from your eyes before administering eyedrops for other people.

Apart from causing chaos among friends, parents and their children, the business of people not minding their business can create a wedge between happy couples, the grunts of disapproval when couples do certain things to each other is uncalled for.

“Ha Tade, you are the one that washes the plates in your own house? Walahi dem no born my wife well to try it with me”

“Rachel why will you allow your husband to go to a viewing center with his friends? He will soon start carrying girls o”

“I saw you and your wife chasing each other down the street, people will start calling you mumu o”

Brethren and Sisthren in this industry, please learn to face your front and leave people alone. Ladies and gentlemen that are victims of this people, avoid giving them a place in your life. Do not give them the attention that would make them continue with their peddling, if possible, break their chain of business before it gets longer than it should be. Nah from claps e dey enter dance.

A word is enough for the wise.

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