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As she packed my hair into a ‘doughnut’ I knew I was in trouble, the weight of the bun was pulling my neck back and in order not to look like someone that has a stiff neck, I had to force myself to keep my head up, that alone is a wahala on it own. I walked gingerly home and carefully avoided the stones of misery, they are stones that would intentionally place themselves in your part when you are rushing for an appointment or when you have a sore on your leg, I can’t imagine hitting my leg against a stone with the way I was seriously trying to make myself walk like a normal person without a mass of hair wrapped like a coiled snake on my aching neck.
I got home and pretended all was well as everybody began to praise the artistry of the hairdresser and the beauty of my hair, while my head get pulled back by the weight of the hair when I relax my neck, I went about my chores remembering the words of one of my friends ‘fine girl nah pain’.
That was the mantra that kept repeating itself head until it was time for me to sleep, I could not lay my head on the right side neither could I do that with my left, the hair kept getting in the way, I couldn’t even lay on my back, I tried laying on my chest and the weight of the hair felt like a massive headgear that is impossible to remove. Eventually I pulled my bun back a little and placed it on a pillow, then I moved down a bit making the hair sleep on it own, that was when I had temporary peace.

I woke up feeling like Beyoncé with a stiff neck and aching back.

I woke up feeling like Beyoncé with a stiff neck and aching back.

The next morning, I struggled with bending and rising for Solat and kept smiling when asked if the hair hurts or is uncomfortable, when it was time for me to go out, I tried doing the headwrap and figured it would look lovelier since I have a big bun on my head, I was wrong, it looked as if I was hiding a day old baby when I was done. I was at the brink of frustration, I tried it again for the second time and it was the same time, I pulled the bun back a little and the result was still the same that was when I got angry and I removed the rubber band holding the hair in place while I angrily wrap the scarf around my head, my anger yielded good results because I looked sane a little.
When I got back home and removed the veil, another round of misery began, the hair that had been let loose began to brush against my face and rub against my back, I couldn’t lean against the chair or anything else, I started sweating profusely from the heat the hair is conducting, I tried packing it the way the hairdresser did but it kept coming off after I rolled it in a bun, there and there and then I decided I have had enough and I grabbed a scissors and cut off the hair! Yes I did, I can’t deny myself another night of peaceful and relaxing sleep after suffering from a sore neck all day. My friend expressed surprise when she saw me the next day, complaining about the amount I made the hair, little does she know that comfort and a good night rest is better than painful beauty, I have learnt my lesson. It is shuku and koroba as from now. I won’t come and go and die ontop fine girl business.

Head looking like I hid Badagry coconut inside.

Head looking like I hid Badagry coconut inside.


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