Slowly but surely Fulani herdsmen are turning into a terrorist group.

Many years ago we had no reason to be scared of the stick-wielding Fulani herdsmen.

Nowadays, the reverse is the case, everyone is wary of the harmless looking Fulani herdman who could turn into a killer within a flash and replace his stick with a knife or a gun. The argument about where to graze, where not to graze, how farms get destroyed when cows graze and so on have resulted into the death of farm owners and in some cases herdsmen too.

The lawless killing and bloodsheding by ‘Fulani herdsmen’ have become the order of the day especially in Benue. People get killed, maimed, women get assaulted and raped and the suspects walk away scot-free. And I wonder when did stick-wielding people become more confident that the threat of guns mean nothing to them? When did people herding cows become so dangerous that men of the law couldn’t curtail their lawlessness until it became an open wound which gets larger and festers as the day goes by.

According to Miyetti Allah, the cattle herders association, there’d be more killings unless Benue revokes it anti-grazing bill. I ask who are these people that are not above justice to make such threat? Whatever happened to arresting it leader? What happens to punishing them and locking them up with their cows?

If things go on like this, ‘Fulani herdsmen’ may soon become a terrorist group – killing, kidnapping, maiming, stealing and a whole lot of other crimes which will go unchecked and difficult to handle! – Abdulazeez Kaothar

Their effontrey is chiefly credited to Buhari who as everybody opines is a Fulani man and has made them power drunk. Can someone tell them Nigeria is no place for their cowshit?

It is disheartening, annoying and utterly disgusting to see so much confidence coming from a group of people who are not half of what makes up Nigeria. It is sadder to see our president take it all in and choose to remain quiet over the senseless killing of his people! It is sadder that this silence indirectly translates to supposed support to these bloodthirsty animals who have been affected by the smell of their cattle dung. The saddest thing is the fact that this is getting accrued to supposed tribalism and ethnic cleansing. We have enough problems in Nigeria already!

Has Buhari forgotten Nigeria belongs to everybody and nobody?!

This is a time bomb waiting to happen. This will make the average Nigerian be filled with hate and fear for the Fulani man. It is sad not everyone of them is like this but we have been made to treat them with suspicion and yes I also harbour that fear. I could remember when I was in year one in school, I had gone on a silly adventure with a friend from school then, we dared to walk from school through the bushes to a village which is 30 minutes away from school. In the bush we came into contact with three stringy men with straw hats who were happily sucking on oranges and still watching over their cattle as they graze. I was filled with fear and different thoughts raced through my head as I waited to say my last prayers

It’s finished

They will rape me to death! They will stab my friend and pluck out his eyes! They will collect our money and strip us of our clothes! They will….

I didn’t wait for the last of those horrible thoughts as I turned swiftly without waiting for my adventure partner. Luckily I was in trousers so I would be able to race through the bush fast enough. I began to walk briskly and my partner followed suit.

‘Kei!’ We heard from afar. I didn’t answer but my partner did, he mumbled something about answering them so they won’t be angry. I turned halfhearterdly. ‘Let it all come’ I thought sorrowfully.

They spoke to us in Fulani but we shook our heads and looked on, then one of them spoke in fluent English and asked if the cows made us scared. I nodded still scared and waited for the worst. One of them held two oranges to us but we said no. They motioned for us to pass while they held their cattle but I said NO!. Then one of them asked my partner to back me across while he stood guard to stop the cows from coming close since I was too scared of their ‘cows’.

That was years ago and I still believe there are herdsmen who have their brains intact, who are not as dumb and sensless like their cattle and who could discern their left from right unlike the demons who have chosen to cause discord and misery with their wicked acts.

It is only the need to forment trouble and unwillingness to develop that’d make the cattle herders association refuse to modernize their mode of cattle rearing and dump their nomadic lifestyle which is now archaic, building of ranches will prevent the cows from destroying farms and resulting into altercations which may turn violent.

I wish leaders concerned would act swiftly and put an end to this terror that looms over us all, for sooner or later, ‘Fulani herdsmen’ may become the new set of goons terrorizing the whole of Nigeria. Nah from clap e dey enter dance!


  1. AvatarIbrahim Dan Fulani

    Is it bcos Buhari is a fulani man
    Stop fulaphobia
    There were times without number that there are cattle rustler in this country no one speak about it. Even we ourselves show nepotism and we are tribalist


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