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Happy new month guys! January went by so fast! It was like it had no time to wait and stall like it usually does. Wheeew!

As we all know, February is rated worldwide for no other reasons than the Valentine’s day. So, I have curated a list of places you can go to have a nice time on that day. It can be with you and a partner (friend, lover, siblings, parent) or you take yourself out for a well deserved me time. 

First on the list is;

Sidney’s place

SIDNEY’S PLACE: This is a favourite spot for many Ilorin fun seekers. It is located at 9, catchment close, GRA Ilorin. It has two different restaurants; The Blu Flamingo and The Pizzeria.

The blu flamingo offers different spicy and yummy cuisines ranging from fries to Asun and so on. It has a great ambience and warm staff who answer your questions with a smile and help you when you are confused on what to order. 

Most expensive meal – the aqua monster a.k.a The Elephant Fish which is only available on reservation. It costs 100k. So if you are interested in trying this out in two weeks now. You should contact them now.   

Most cheapest meal – The Plantain Boat which costs 1500 naira. Great right? Most of the meals are averagely priced so you have a whole lot to chose from. 

However, I would like to recommend their peppersoup. It consists of beef entrails with chunks of fish and plantain and I LOVE PLANTAIN!!!! I ordered it twice the first time I tasted it. It was that amazing.

Their cheapest drinks are the fruit juices which cost 600 per glass and 1400 per pack with the exception of the cranberry which is 1000 per glass and 5k per pack.

Their most expensive drink is the Hennessy VSOP which is 95k.

The pizzeria

Their pizzeria is a delight for those who love pastries. Pizza, cakes, cookies are some of the options on the menu. They also have nice staff who help with recommending some items on the menu for you.

FROOTIFY: This is a spot where they offer various healthy options for you to pick from. Frootify is a great place to hangout if you want to have fun and not break the bank. It is located along Tanke junction road, adjacent Orange petrol station.

Cheapest item on the menu: Fruits juices and the smoothies. 500 to 1500 naira

Most expensive item on the menu: Frootful basket which is 20,000 naira and it consists of various fruits. (This won’t be a bad gift for someone you love you know? You can put the fruits in a hamper and wrap with red ribbon.)

My favourite go to at Frootify is their crunchy parfait. 

Frootify give out coupons when you patronize them often and you become a regular customer.

EDIBLE RESTAURANT AT PALMS MALL: The restaurant environment is relaxing. They have nice meal options ranging from pastries to jollof rice and solids. Their menu consists of the day to day regular meals in most Nigerian restaurants. I wanted to try their croaker fish but it wasn’t available. Edibles restaurant is a nice choice if you intend to take nice pictures with your partner after eating. There is also a special corner you can retreat to if you don’t want everybody entering the restaurant to see you as you eat. I named it the couples corner. It is located further down the restaurant towards the place you make your orders.

Couples corner

CUPID’S LOUNGE: It is like Ilorin’s mini version of The Tea Room in Lagos. They may share similar aesthetics but Cupid’s lounge is not a place for brunch but a space. An avenue where you can; make proposals, have a birthday party, bridal shower and dinner. For Valentine day’s hangout, you can rent the space to have a cozy lunch or dinner with your date. Cupid lounge doesn’t offer food services so you are expected to bring your own food, drinks and any other edibles for your entertainment. All you have to do is book in advance and pay a token amount of money.

Pictures from Cupidslounge IG page

The numerous times I’ve been there to take pictures for the blog, it was booked back to back to back. So that tells you one thing…book your space in advance. Cupid lounge is at shop 40, Fate shopping plaza opposite NNPC petrol station.

OUR GARDEN: It is a chill outdoorsy place to relax and enjoy cool breeze. Our garden is at No 5 Ilofa road, GRA Ilorin.

It is a spot that is better enjoyed in the evenings when the sun is down. Our garden offers an array of peppersoup and different fish soups. I didn’t enjoy the croaker pepper soup I ordered but different strokes for different folks right? The most expensive item listed on their menu is their Pot fish which costs 1500. However, a waiter says their menu is not always accurate so word of mouth can suffice in determining what one can afford. An absolute delight if you don’t mind the loud music.

Our garden can be termed as more of a joint instead of a restaurant. 

Which of these spots will you be visiting soon? Let me know in the comments box below.

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