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You might have heard the stereotypes tell you how much of a bore Ilorin is. I disagree, Ilorin is a fun city if you know where to go. tongueout

I have listened to people warn each other of what to wear when they are in Ilorin since the city is strictly Islamic and how it is a must for you to cover your hair everytime you leave your house. Seriously? Ilorin is more liberal than they tell you if you ask me.

So, I did a mini research, lol not research exactly but I decided to make a list of places in Ilorin where you can hangout and have a good time. The places range from where you can let your steam up to boiling point to where you can muse and meditate to where you can observe random people go about their lives in funny or sometimes, plain weird way.
First up is… Wait for it.


– PALMS MALL!: I had to put an exclamation mark there, that place needs some respeck to it name. The only place that can swallow half of the people in Ilorin without bloating. This place is also the number one option for majority of the fun seekers in Ilorin. What’s there not to like? There’s the Cinema (viva), the ice cream lab, the cloth and accessories stores where you covet the blings, the fancy clothes you can’t afford and the ridiculously expensive jewelries, eateries you can get stuff you totally knew you were not supposed to eat but you ate it anyways from, electronic store and so on and so forth. Another beautiful thing about this place is that, you can totally stroll in and window shop, let your oily face smudge the windows and go back to your house like it’s no man’s business or you sit around and watch as people entertain you – from the lovers, to the students, to the married folks, to the ones who are only there to make complete idiots out of themselves.

– BROADWAY NOW WATERVIEW: The second choice for most fun seekers in Ilorin was Broadway, which has now been moved to Waterview. Broadway becomes a world of it own when it is 8pm. What’s there not to like? The well grilled suya steaks, fish, sharwama and loads of other finger foods that scream high calories. chewing mouth I also heard there are some professional company keepers who mile around the place.


– SUCCOTH GARDENS: Even the name of this place sounds poetic. Succoth is one of the places you can go hangout that totally doesn’t look Ilorin. It doesn’t even look like Nigeria, counter me if you can. From the serene environment to the glistening body of water that relaxes your nerves with it peacefulness. Succoth is another place where you can find succor from the hustle and bustle of Ilorin. No noise, no unwanted stares, no grunts, no screams except from excited lovers and no noise I repeat. No wonder it remained the preferred choice among families and…. Ilorin Fashion bloggers.

All of the lights, all of the nights.

– KLUBB SPARTAKUZ!: I had to put some respeck on this name too. Why? This is the only club I have ever been to twice. What’s there not to like? From the imposing black hefty and scary looking bouncers that greet you at the gate, to the cloud of smoke that welcomes you as you step into the club, to the exotic dancers, to the happy-go-lucky jolly papas and babies. Spartacus lives up to it name every time due to the amount of Old papis and professional company keepers that hang around the place too. The club which is a part of Princess Hotel also has a mini pool where Asun, Suya, fish and other delicious things that get you bloated are sold.

– THE UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN DAM: Yippee! It’s my school. The dam at the University of Ilorin is also another hangout spot for people who want to chillax. There is water and water and water. What’s there not to like? From the colourful canopies that deck the place, to the well arranged seats, to the beautiful huts masterfully crafted and perfectly perched on the lush green grass. C’est perfect! And the bonus? A 10 minutes canoe ride that costs you 200 naira only the last time I checked. Isn’t that amazing?

– UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN ZOO: University of Ilorin does the mostest when it comes to letting students have a ‘fun-filled’ experience when they are in school. Amazing right? I know. The zoological garden situated at the school gate is a hot spot for lovers of nature, pupils or parents with kids who keep throwing tantrums because they want to see a lion. Oh yes, University of Ilorin zoo has lions. Some even hang out at the zoo with their lovers and I heard somebody proposed to someone there? What a flamingo thing to do! What’s there not to like? From the scary jiggly jiggly bridge like structure erected in mid-air (I have forgotten the proper name for it) to the ducks that follow you everywhere, to the donkeys that come close like they wanna kiss you, to the smell of animal poop and pee. Oh dear what’s there not to like? A word of caution though, mind where you lean on and what you lean against, an army of ants had a fun time holding assembly inside my clothes the last time I was there. Do not also waste your money buying biscuits for the gorillas, they are never satisfied and one of them is stingy and a bully, you’d only waste your money.

The bridge like thing I was talking about.

So, these are the places I can come up with for now. Do you think they are fun enough? Which places did you think I left out? Why do you like hanging out there?



    You forgot to mention Kwara hotel, Sound bar, Beckadims and so on… These places really make Ilorin rocky.


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