We are the fast generation and even though this makes us feel smart we can also be dumb sometimes. We feel we are smart because we have access to google, we  believe we are fire dressers due to the likes on Instagram and we deem ourselves talented because we are a SoundCloud singer. We believe we are the queen supreme who rule over peasants because of the huge following we have on Twitter. The number of friends we have on Facebook make us feel like kings. We pride ourselves as opinion givers whereas we are just a bunch of broke-dumb-thristy-ass lots.

We appreciate razzness over realness yet we can’t be seen with razz because no one actually likes to be associated with razz. We feel being uncultured and impolite is genuine because somehow our generation just happens to have tossed everything about ettiqutte into the winds. We hate bad manners but have a greater hate for people with proper manners we shame them for being nice and considerate we call them fake, ajebo, oyinbo, assorted. We tag razz people dope, real, from the street. We feel everything must be razz before it sells and anything below par isn’t worth our time.

We love savagery and we pick it any day over politeness and respectful approaches. We would rather see a celeb clap back with insulting words rather than replying with love and light to a hateful comment. We live in a world where ignoring a rude comment means you are a chicken and not brave, forming and acting all proud. Yet we insult those who drag those who come for them. We sure are a bunch of youths with undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

We shame hoes but thirst  over their pictures on Instagram. We secretly screenshot and keep them for later use. We gloat over their perfect bodies in our bedroom checking out our angles in the mirror and tucking that stubborn fat belly in. We hate on those Instagram hoes but we secretly want to be them I mean who doesn’t wany to model for some fashion lime and earn some cash just for wearing clothes? Isn’t that the life? We would rather repost half naked, naked pictures rather than repost an actual talent. Sex sells yet nobody wants to talk about sex or act like they have sex so which market does sex cater to?

And oh. Flash news. We have modernized begging now we have the innanet bambiala  which have to do with going round major sites begging for food and school fees. Majority would rather beg and troll than utilize the internet effectively and make money off it.

We are losing it. No. We have unravelled and we are at the brink. Nothing can save us from ourselves except an internet apocalypse. A total shutdown of the world internet which would force us back to our books, physical interactions, make us find our niche outside the web and make us more productive. A total shutdown that will make us not reach for our phones the moment we open our eyelids. A total shutdown that would reduce our procrastination and make us put our butts to work.

Many great ideas are languishing because we would rather cackle and tag our friends in the latest gist on Twitter. Until then we will continue to swim deep in the sea of foolishness only coming up occasionally to renew our data plan.

We. Are. Fucked.


  1. AvatarAbba

    LMAO!! You bet. In this world of ours. All you have to be is mediocre to become popular, It’s makes the concept of hardwork seem like a lie.


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