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Whoops woops woops!!!
Today is the D-day, who remembered the play I used to talk about? I said I accepted the role of the costumer even though it is scary? We are finally going to present the play today at the PFA theatre unilorin 4pm prompt.

Coaching hundred level students is not easy, the frustration, the corrections, the shouting, the shoes that get thrown, the “360” they do on stage, not projecting enough for the audience to hear, the list goes on and on, but the students are lucky because their crew members are not mean with them, that doesn’t mean we don’t discipline them when we have to.
I think my group has been the most organized and cooperative group ever but that is too boring for my liking haba not even gists and whispers about someone kissing somebody in the costume room or somebody and someone fighting over one bae, or somebody doing something with a credit member, very dry group haha

I will miss these bubbly set of people, awwwwn. Even though the play is boring and the playwright seemed confused at a point or the other, they all did their best to bring life into the play.

So far so good, nobody has lost their voice yet, right now I feel like shitting I swear my stomach is rumbling and erhm I think I will just shit in my trousers when I hear

“Take one, take two…. Rooooooooooooolllllllll!”


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2 thoughts on “GROUP 1 PRESENTS NEXT TIME.

    1. KanzahKanzah Post author

      It was okay. I have to be scared please,staying backstage is harder than being on stage, you are responsible for whatever goes up on stage.


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