Some Ghanaian girls are sweeter than shito, they got their business put together like a well made Banku. They are refreshing to the soul like an Iced Kenkey.

I have known just three Ghanaian girls all my love and the second made me see life in a different way. Enough said today is her birthday and yes, I wanna sharraout to her.

Happy Birthday Beatrice Mambi Nanaya Akotobonsu Jones AKA Mrs Foolish ( that was the nick she gave me). May you always get the best of this world, God in his infinite mercies will continue to guide and protect you.

I would former cherish the moments we spent together, I could remember vividly you were the first amongst the other roommates to welcome me and make me feel at home when I was just a naive, confused, pimple faced bloody fresher!.

I remember you were the first to sneak me inside Lagos hostel and we had to trek all the way from our hostel at PG, Trunil hostel to buy pure water at Lagos hostel just because it is cheaper there by 10 Naira.

I can also remember you are the only one in our room that had a fine boyfriend then, how we all envy you then. I can’t forget the way we make fun of the old wannabe sugar brothers that want to die on top your matter.

Happy Birthday Queen, the first girl I ever met who is proud of who is she and never ever trade her honour for anything in this world.

Nyame hyira mo

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