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Darling, burn all those relationship self helps books, there are times it does more harm than good, besides someone like you wrote it, so why on earth would you think the person might be right?
Do you know those guys? They are mostly cute and all, moustache wearing guy, beard gang, smooth talkers, the ones among them that are not cute enough make up for that deficiency by exuding confidence, which make you swoon and wonder why someone could be that sure of themselves even though they seem to be found wanting in the looks department.
Do you know those guys? Do you know majority of girls that develop crushes and affections nowadays do that with their eyes blindfolded with a black torn scarf which affords them the opportunity to still see the signs that tells them NO, he is not the one for you but they still choose not to listen to those signs. Love eh?
Countless times we have been told of how being persistent results into you eventually nailing the price, what price? A boy? Yes a boy, for a man- – an intelligent, matured and sensible one at that would never ever drag a lady’s heart roughly through a maze filled with torns, he would never squash her heart between his cards of tricks, he would not leave her hanging and unsure of what is or what is not.
Do you know? Do you know HE IS NOT JUST THAT INTO YOU YET, when you are the one that always brings up something to talk about? When you are the one that creates time for you guys to see? Yes, he might still show up and all, but open your eyes wide and read all the signs, he wasn’t actually listening was he? Imagine asking him the last few words you just uttered and all he does is laugh at your perceived ridiculous question while he pulls you into a hug? Haha those hugs continue to imprison you and you stupidly think yeah MAYBE HE IS REALLY INTO ME.
Do you know? He is not just that into you yet if he introduces you casually to his friends? , fine you know his friends but what did he call you when he was introducing you to them? ‘Hey Ted meet Fati’ did he say more? Did he not? Was it jokingly said? Was it not? Why would you even bother about what ought to come naturally? The moment you start worrying about how he introduces you is the moment you need to take a step back and ask yourself IS HE INTO ME YET? Do you even need an answer? Show me the man that introduces a girl he is supposedly into that way and I would show you a two timing back stabbing LOTHARIO! It is clear he doesn’t want you neither does he give a care about you, he would even gladly give his friends your number, why? Because you are just a friend and they have the go ahead to try their luck because you are a really nice person. Hello to earth girlfriend, see how you just got transported into the FRIENDZONE!
Hello from the other side, I must have called a thousand times, to tell you I am sorry that I missed your call, really? When you have to call a million times just because you missed a call from him, you should know you are the one in love and the feeling is not mutual, thank you!
Even if he looks into your eyes while you guys talk does not mean HE IS INTO YOU, he might be trying to figure out how really stupid and desperate you can be to get him, all what you are doing is a game to him, he wouldn’t want you to play it better than he does, it gets amusing when you start getting dramatic, like duh, you have no right to be jealous when he tells you about the girls he is crushing on or admires, you are just a girl he hangs out with, and if you are really poor in hiding your feelings and masking your emotions which could be a disadvantage at times, he would playfully keep on hitting your stupid hear against a two-edged sword.
Ladies! There are some things that are just not worth it, chasing a BOY who doesn’t want to stay is part of it, while you feverishly chase him, have you tried thinking of the not-so-cute, not-so-sure dude who loves to hang out with you? Is he really not cute? Does it matter? Or you still haven’t taken off the blindfold to see those qualities in him? The one you really don’t care about? The one that once told you he really really likes you then but you bursted out laughing and he started laughing too, the one things doesn’t get awkward with, the one you don’t chase, the one who would outrun Usain Bolt when you need to see him, is there a ONE like that? Are you into him yet? Are you not? What if he is the ONE, because girlfriend, that boy you are having sleepless nights over IS NOT JUST THAT INTO YOU YET AND MAY NEVER BE!


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