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Have you ever wondered why some guys with girlfriends look like a rag used to clean the floor of a toilet while their girl is spick and span like a silk handkerchief that belongs to a beautiful wealthy woman? Have you?
Have you ever wondered why some guys are always cash strapped and depend on their friends for almost everything? Have you ever wondered what he does with the pocket money he gets from his parents? Have you?
I realized there is more to guys being broke than meets the eye, while some are affected by the turbulent economic crisis, others chose to adopt overgrown female babies, tending to them and fussing over them, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to their welfare, sheepishly buying the portion of heaven and earth that their meagre feeding money allows, borrowed term daddies I call them because when a better daddy comes, in form of a chairman or even an Alhaji, Baby goes with the wind and leaves you hanging with #456.00 in your bank account.
Ladies! Emergency babies, I wonder where you got the mentality of a boyfriend becoming a daddy, I mean come to think of it, why would you pour all your misfortunes and mishaps into the relationship, why bother him with gutter story of how you need money to buy provisions or pay school fees? Who gives a heck about your Brazilian weaves or sanitary pads? Who cares if you don’t have underwears? Death to your poor behind if you can’t afford money to buy airtime! Whatever happened to your parents? They dead or something? Why will you chose to suck and suck the dude like a female mosquito at the brink of death? Selling yourself cheaply for the latest i-phone model or a trip to the mall, really? I often hear a lot of ladies saying they have to get something in turn for the sex they give to their so called boyfriend, most times I keep quiet but little do they know they are no better than a roadside prostitute, it is simple, he gives you money, you give him sex, some ladies actually think they are wise, they give nothing away and still milks the guy, not even a spot in their heart is vacant for their so called boyfriend!. These girls would flaunt the coolest gadgets, wear the trendiest clothes, fix the most expensive hair and nails and drown you with sweet smelling perfumes while their boyfriend look disheveled, uses a Nokia torch phone held together by a rubber band that has been tied and tied over and over again, uncombed hair, faded clothes with little holes around the neck or armpits, and a strong body odour that threatens to suffocate you if you move nearer than necessary.
The guys would borrow money from their friends, beg distant relatives and cousins for money, including those they don’t even know, sell laptop and phones, just to throw a birthday party for babe, smiling from ear to ear in pictures not knowing there are other daddies that have already turned babe into a foster daughter.
Dear money factory, printer and publisher of “Love don’t cost a thing” Magazine, Grand commander of the federal Republic of senseless spending, nobody is asking you not to take care of your girlfriend, who cares what you do, but it is better you know the difference between taking care of a girlfriend or acting the responsibilities that comes with being a father, just because you want to go downtown does not mean you have to sell your destiny, just because she calls you “Daddy” behind closed doors does not mean you have to puff up your chest and start carrying loads that are not meant for you, soldier goes, soldier comes, you would eventually get replaced and if you are unfortunate enough not to, your fatherly responsibilities continues till you get frustrated and choked, and sadly realize you can no longer pull out.
You should know you are not under any obligations to cater to every needs of the girl you date, it is meant to be a relationship not a business partnership!.


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think I am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

3 thoughts on “HE IS NOT YOUR DADDY

  1. AvatarAbdulGHAFFAR

    relationship abi situationship???…. nice write-up, this girls dey scare me nowadays sef.. i don’t want to be daddy just yet


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