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Happy new year people.

What is your new year ritual? Did you attend the crossover night? Were you part of the people who did the last-minute countdown to 2017? How significant is the crossover night?

I am not the type that gets excited over new year and it celebration, I honestly don’t know why. I see new year as just another day.

That is the reason why I don’t also believe in making any resolution, I have never tried to make resolutions for a new year. Why is it so? We are humans, there are some that’d be determined to do something and they would make sure they do it no matter what, that is brilliant. But listing out things you would change about yourself in the new year, things you would do and not do? People you would talk to and not talk to? I don’t believe in that. Majority will go back to same old habits the next day after new year, so who are we kidding? I could remember a year I told myself on the eve of that new year celebration that I would wake up early and continue in that fashion till the end of that year, I woke up “proudly” at 11 something am because my grandmother won’t stop calling my name and adding “in this new year”.

I think we don’t need a new year celebration to change things we want to change about ourselves, it is all in the mind and not tied to the beginning of a year. It is better we make up our minds on making ourselves better than listing out things for ourselves all in the name of resolution.

If you are the type that makes new year resolution, I wish you the best and sincerely hope you would excel in every goal you set out for yourself.

And for the one who made resolutions last year and could not do anything on the resolution list? I wish you a better 2017

Have it in mind that you can speak things onto existence, it is true. Firmly tell yourself you will have the best of 2017 and you shall.

I miss Mummy Peace, my mum’s neighbour and her jollof rice. I miss the 100 naira she gives me whenever I return the basket she used to pack the new year food. I miss the malt and the big laps of chicken.

How are you celebrating today? Were are you going to? Ilorin mall will be filled to the brim by people celebrating the new year most especially shoprite. Ehehehe, shoprite is the fun haven of almost everyone in Ilorin, we would continue to thank God for the gift of shoprite in our Ilorin.

May 2017 bring with it peace and less terrorist attacks, may God be with the people of Southern Kaduna and may the spirit of recession die by fire!!! Lol.

Happy new year once again. Don’t forget to have the best of today.


3 thoughts on “HELLO JANUARY, HELLO 2017.

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