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It’s October, what’s up?
What did you do throughout September? What did you learn? Hope you didn’t abandon something halfway like I did? Truth is I was learning how to sew but I am the type that get bored easily, I wasn’t learning anything new, I wasn’t taught how to measure or cut, all I do is stand and fold my hands behind my back while I watch my “boss” perform magic with the scissors and sewing machine.
I know I am complaining but that is how it really is, I went there for two days then I had chest ache, then I stopped then I went back again for two days, then I stopped totally, I decided I wasn’t going back, it would take me months to learn how to wheel the machine and maybe years to learn how to cut, blah blah blah I would keep crying over spilt milk.
I was advised by a dear friend to surf YouTube and watch tutorials on how to sew and cut, even though I am a bit skeptical on how I can learn how to sew and cut via YouTube I would give a try. It is better to use MB on that rather than waiting around and looking like an alien where you are supposed to learn.
How was September? And how is October going to be for you? I am resuming at school soon and I am not happy about that, I wish I can rewind everything to August you know, 5th of August to be precise.
It is not easy to be lazy, I can’t wait to have my days all to myself doing nothing and just lazying away, ciao.
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