Do you know? These movies are about Nigeria? Inspired by Nigeria and Nigerians?
Check them out below, they all turned out to be blockbusters.

– October 1st: The movie treats events before the independent period which culminates till the independent day, it deals with a serial murderer who went on a revenge mission after getting abused sexually by a Christian Missionary. It also deals with issues affecting Nigeria before she gained her Independence which could still be seen in the present day Nigeria, issues like Cultural intolerance, Mediocrity, Nepotism, Religious hypocrisy to mention but a few.

– Half of a Yellow Sun: This is a book turned movie, the brilliant piece written by the enigma Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie deals with love, war and the effects of the 1960s civil war on the civilians most especially the Biafrans. It deals with history and gives a vivid account of the civil war and it toil on everyone who witnessed it.

– Invasion 1897: This is a historical movie on how the king of the Benin empire Oba Ovarhehem Nogbaisi was deposed by the British colonialists. It shows the futility of bloodshed and how kinsmen betrays their fellow kinsmen.

– ’76 the movie: The movie is about the military coup of 1976 which led to the assassination of Murtala Ramat Mohammed, it shows how a heavily pregnant woman finds herself caught in the midst of coup allegations involving her husband.
– Black November:It tells the story of people in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, and how they struggled to save their environment that is being destroyed by oil spillage.

What other movies tell stories about Nigeria? Have you seen them? Do you know movies like this would boost your knowledge about Nigeria as a whole?
Happy Independence Day Nigeria! Still celebrating.


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