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November began with me being confused. It is final year and I thought I had everything under control – my project, studying, classes, day to day activities, but school began and I don’t even know where to start, how to start, I don’t even know how to start. It is like a huge ball of confusion was thrown at me to knock me back.

I like running away from responsibilities but taking responsibility was top on my plate this session, I promised myself to start standing up and getting assigned to things I ordinarily would have run away from.

It is scary but I read somewhere that your dreams should scare you, I get jittery when I think of how I am going to achieve it all.

There is a course in my department that is about theatre and it practice, I volunteered to be the costumer, a customer is someone who makes, designs or sells clothes to a theatre company. This means I would be in charge of the clothes, apparel, jewelleries blah blah blah that is involved in the production.

I don’t want to screw things up, I have already imagined getting questioned over my choice of outfit for a particular character and all. It is scary but I am definitely going to DO it and yes, I will succeed. I aim to be better and better and better at what I do this December.

How was your November? And what do you look forward to achieving in December? Don’t tell me you are waiting to cash out your money from MMM o. Ehn ehn

Kindly drop a comment, I always reply. And you can use your phone’s browser to comment if opera mini is acting up. Much love and Merry Xmas in advance lovelies.


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