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Happy new month lovelies!!!

I am glad we were all able to weather the month of January, it has been one heck of a month. January ushered in 2017 and 2017 came with lot of incidents, dramas, events, weddings and so on.

Was January spectacular for you? Or was it the worst month ever? It is sad to see the things spin from bad to worst, it is disheartening to see people who could afford three square meals managing a meal a day.

Welcome to the month of love, may this month of love as it is called usher in prosperity and fill people’s heart with love. For all we need right now is love. Perhaps if corrupt politicians love us enough money for projects would not get squandered, if boko haram love enough there would be no bombing, if if if we have just a little more love.

May this month bring you glad tidings. Here is me saying happy new month again with teary eyes.

PS-there is a surprise coming up, so stay tuned.


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