Girls claim they need a good serious guy because they are tired
of wasting their time and falling in love with WRONG GUYS. But the funny thing is when they meet the GOOD SERIOUS GUY, they start acting crazy.
They start doing very silly things. They start taking his love and care
for granted,they find the courteous way he treats them pretentious, they find his confidence repulsive. The games start and they play with the guy’s feelings like a five year old plays with her toys. So with time the good guy gets hurt and he leaves, not because he ran out of love but because he never felt really good enough he ends up letting
her go.
Then she ends up falling in love with a player who ends up breaking
her heart, his arrogance attracts her, she find the way he treats her rough sexy. Eventually she realizes she is being treated like an option out of other better choices.
She gets hurt real bad starts saying ALL MEN ARE
DOGS…These are the kind of girls you find telling everyone that cares to listen that THEY HATE LOVE.
They keep on saying ALL MEN ARE THE SAME as if they have dated and
slept with every man that has ever walked the face of earth.
Come on ladies better grow up and
know what you want. Don’t just fall in love because you want him to
take away your boredom, stress, loneliness or a previous heartbreak …
Don’t love that guy out of
pity. Don’t let him waste his money and time on you if you don’t adore him. Say what you honestly feel and prove it. If you’re in love with someone else let him know.
Don’t keep him
around as a substitute, your go to guy, the one that satisfies your sexual cravings or helps you financially when the one you love starts acting up.
Don’t love him because of what he has. Respect your
man if you truly love him. If you are wrong accept that fact and apologize.
And for the guys who laugh at what they put girls through, but would start threatening fire and mountains when they have to wipe the tears off their
daughters’ faces in future for the same exact reasons. Do not do whatever you wouldn’t want to happen to your own little girl to other girls
because they were someone else’s little girls as well. Won’t you want other
guys to treat your daughter right & be good to her? Won’t you want your own
daughter to be in good hands? Won’t you want to see your daughter happy? Be
the kind of man you would wants your daughter to end up being with. STOP

:Ajani Tunde Yussuf


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.


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