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What’s up? The year is coming to an end yo! What have you done so far?
It is three months to the end of 2016, who is excited? So unfortunately or fortunately I don’t even know which, I am not where I thought I’d be yet but am far from where I used to be, that’s still something right?
So I have been listening to Radio, watching TV, there are more than enough talks about the ‘Ember’ months, the most dreaded months in every year, why is it so? The ember months (September, October, November, December) are the busiest months due to festivals (eid il kabir, Christmas) holidays, kids resuming at school, college students returning to school, traveling , all this coupled with everyone trying to get across to loved ones result in roads getting jam-packed, senseless speeding which often leads to fatal road accidents, children go missing, thieves on the lose, most thieves hide under the guise of pricing stuff then use the busy activities to their own advantage.
Everyone is complaining about Buharinomy, in plain terms it means there is no money and people are broke! The average Nigerian knows that too well, Yes, the country is in recession #scoffs it is most likely things may not be as fun as it used to be, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate festivals as they come though, I can’t wait to wear my Eid dress, ehehehe.
For everyone hustling their way out of this harsh period #thumbsup, for people who spend most of their time on gossip sites and social networks (Me) #coversface, find something more profitable to do, we all know by now that most white collar jobs are just… It is not too late to start learning how to do things with your own hands, bead making, knitting, sewing, cobbling anyone?
And it is not too late to start working on those projects you have abandoned, be happy, forgive easily, love without care, pray harder, think positive.
Happy September and happy birthday in advance or arrears to every Virgo! #xoxo


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