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“Pussy cat pussy cat what do you use? I used some condoms and drank some tea” sounds funny right? my friends and I rephrased the good ol’ pussy cat pussy cat song, that is one of the pecks of being a single girl, you get to do really weird things you never thought you could do, I look forward to hanging out with my friends once in a while when am not too busy or too tired from work stress, most especially the girls night out which is always fun, girls night out turn into something to remember or things that would haunt you for the rest of your life.

It was a beautiful Friday evening, I had just closed from work, I was making my way to my car when my phone started to ring, it was one of my friends, we are not that close, we are convenience friends, we hang out with each other just for the fun of it and nothing more, I was expecting her to tell me there is a turn up somewhere, I wasn’t wrong because the moment I picked Tara’s call, that was her name, she screamed huskily “TG-Fucking-IF!” I had to shush her even though nobody could hear what she just said, after exchanging few more senseless sentences I hung up on her while she still screams and ends her words with “Bitch, hoe, slut, thot” like I said she is a good time friend. Those kind of friends you don’t discuss financial problems, spiritual worries or psychological problems with? The kind you only get to drink and tell tales of your sexual adventures to? Yes that is Tara.

I got home in time to fix myself a decent meal, while I checked my mails, it’s funny how being single at times makes you… weird, when I saw Musa my gateman opening the gate I couldn’t help but notice his well ripped body, thank God his wife lives with him, Lord knows I would have been possessed by an evil lusty spirit and I would have done things, I am just being human.

I didn’t want to go for the girls night out with Tara and the rest, but I know they would get mad at me and call me names then they would tell me I feel way above them because I have a job and they are just a bunch of “thotties” that is what happens when you make friends while you are drunk.

Tara is good though, she drove me home after a night of heavy drinking I was getting myself drunk in a bid to get over the fact that I just lost my boyfriend to a church girl. Tara had stayed the night at my house and I woke up in the morning to a bad hangover and a stranger in my house, we became fast friends and…that was it.

I dragged myself to Tara’s house and met them all prepped up and ready except for Kunbi who looked unkempt and somehow sad, I couldn’t help but ask what was wrong with her, Chozi answered on her behalf and said I should let her alone, the girls were not paying any attention to her and they were asking me to let her be so we could get going but I couldn’t, the girl looked like she needed help, after gentle probing and soothing talks, Kunbi broke down in tears and said she has herpes! There were gasps everywhere, I didn’t know if I gasped or not but my hand instinctively went to my pubic region, we canceled the girls night out thing there and then and took turns comforting her, I asked if she had gotten herself treated and she replied in the negative saying she doesn’t want someone that knows her see her receiving treatment for a sexually transmitted disease.

“Girl, you should have known that before hitting every Femi, John and Iyke without protection” Tara chided.

I removed my heels gently and unhooked my bra, then I laid on the sofa and feigned sleep, I could still hear Kunbi’s muffled tears, I don’t know if what I was feeling was pity or irritation but it is funny why you’d run away from getting treated for a STD, who cares what people think? Societal hypocrisy won’t stop being the devil, that is how she would have suffered from complications later on, sighing deeply, I turned on my sides and fell asleep with the ‘Pussy cat, pussy cat’ song reverberating in my head.

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