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Hmmm, there are things that happen that you have no words for except a deep sigh after thoughts that seem to go round and round in your head, thoughts that doesn’t even make sense.

With the years I have spent in and out of relationships and dating, never have I been the other woman, not even when I hang out with much much older men, older men I hang out with are mostly widowers, divorcees, old single men who enjoy life too much and chose not to get married(they are scarce though) and we have one thing in common, great no brouhaha sex. I hate the shouting and drama that comes with being a side chic, not after what happened to one of my friends Nancy, her face got ruined with acid when we were in year two at the uni, she was dating a married man, his wife knew and she way laid her with thugs and battered her face,then I was in a very serious relationship that I thought would lead to marriage, until lover boy left me for a decent church girl after we had virtually tried every trick in the Kamasutra sex guide book. I love my life, I love my face and beautiful body, I can’t risk all that for an acid encounter, which is why I refused to give in to my boss’s demands that we date. He has a wife already!

After months of being single, spending cold Saturday nights in my apartment alone(I have stopped clubbing), having to pleasure myself when things get uncontrollable down there, I eventually met a decent man or so I thought, he and his secretary had come for a seminar organized by the insurance company I work with and we had met in the hotel lobby, it was love at first sight for me, he is clean shaven as I strongly hate guys with beards I can’t bear hair tickling my face while we make out. He held his mobile phone gingerly in his hand as he types down my number and I could feel his eyes on me as I walk back to my room. Thank God my skirt was super super mini and super tight!.

We started a whirlwind romance after he swore he is dead single and not in a rush to get married. I was the luckiest girl on earth then , it was fun, we had spontaneous sex and dates and he buys me surprise very expensive gifts every now and then.

All was well with us until I went to see a gynecologist, I do check up every three months, something that shouldn’t be unusual for every sexually active woman, I was on my way out after the doctor declared me clean when I saw him sitting with a heavily pregnant woman while he coos to her from time to time. I heard him say something like “it is just 6 months, you shouldn’t be scared, you were not this scared with the twins” I stopped dead in my tracks and left unseen, then I waited outside and watched as he helped the pregnant woman into his car, I watched them leave and I went back inside to go meet my friend who works as a nurse to ask about the identity of the woman, my worst fears were confirmed, she was his wife and that is the third pregnancy, they have a five year old son and twins already. I didn’t wait for all she has to say. I went straight home, sent him a text never to call me anymore, warned my gate man to stop letting him in and then I got really drunk. I got to work on Monday to find him there, I coolly asked how his pregnant wife was doing and he was dumbfounded. I walked calmly but confidently away from the parking lot and his life.

I learnt my lesson,next time I wouldn’t trust too soon.

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