Mothers are amazing, they are precious, without them the world would lost it glow, the night would lost it peace, the day would lost it light, the birds would have no song and there would be nothing to guide us all.

Almost everyone adore his or her mother, which is expected as mothers suffered a lot over their children, physically, psychologically, spirituality and all, so it would not be surprising when mothers have their day too but it gets confusing when there are more than a day dedicated to mothers as their day, a Facebook friend of mine asked the same question saying she is confused, who wouldn’t be or are people following the saying “everyday is a mother’s day?”.

I have never celebrated mother’s day anyway neither have I ever wished my Mother happy mothers day, I know better than praising my mother on a particular day, or maybe it is because I find my mother so indescribable.
How about you ? Do you celebrate mothers day? When really is mothers day supposed to be celebrated? What pet name do you have for your mother?.


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