The newly appointed deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria is suffering backlash from some set of people, not for incompetence, not because her certificate is fake, not because she was accused of mismanaging funds in financial establishments she had worked in but because of the the way she chooses to dress.

Some Islamic conservatives called for the withdrawal of her nomination because she does not appear in what should be the proper Islamic mode of dressing, there have also been several backlash on the social media where fingers are pointed to the way Aisha Ahmad appears and it is termed ‘hypocritical.’

First and foremost, why do people think their opinion matters on how an adult chooses to dress? Aisha is in her forties and she dresses the way she pleases which is in no way indecent, who are they to cry wolf over how another human chooses to live her life? Majority of the women in the corporate business world dress the way she does so what crime has she committed? Would anyone be worried if it was a man bearing Ahmad Ahmad that was appointed and he doesn’t keep beard or wear cap to show the religion he belongs to?

Secondly, they called for the withdrawal of her appointment because she is not dressed as a Muslim? I ask is it when she is dressed as a Muslim that she’d judiciously deliver and convince everyone that she was capable all along? Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the Islamic mode of dressing but since when did it become a basis for the appointment of someone into the public sector?

Thirdly, many said she is nothing but a prostitute who used bottom power to get to the top, I must say I also saw a comment on a blog where an anonymous commenter passed a snide ‘what people do for power sha’. When will all that rigmarole stop exactly? When will people start appreciating women who are at the zenith of their career without thinking they slept their way to the top?

Also, the thing is, Aisha may not even be a Muslim, of course there are people with Muslim names who do not practice Islam. So who ends up the fool?

Aisha’s crime is the fact that she is not conservative in her dressing but she was appointed as a deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria and not the Nahibul-Amirah of the Muslim Women Association so what is the fuss? Nigeria belongs to everybody and nobody, it is not an Islamic state neither is it a predominantly Christian state neither does it belong to the traditional worshippers. Live and let’s live this is some of the reasons why non-Muslims are sceptical of Muslims, they think Muslims are too extreme and uptight whereas it is the action of a few that is used to judge the rest. Imagine if Aisha Ahmad was a conservative dresser, the people crying wolf would be satisfied but there’d also be a group which would also rise up and accuse the presidency of trying to Islamize Nigeria.

What am I trying to say? We should be less concerned about the outward appearance of women but rather what they can deliver. See women for their worth and not their bust. Aisha hasn’t flout any of the rules guiding how women in the corporate world should look, her dressing affects nobody, let her breath.

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