Meet Shiella Yakubu from Ghana, she is a modest fashionista studying Geomatic Engineering at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology, this African beauty also has a striking resemblance to the popular British modest blogger Basma Kahie AKA Basma. K.

– How did your love for fashion start?
– – My love of fashion started at a very tender age, when I was in junior high.

– How was it like at the beginning when you try to put pieces together?
– – As a kid it was not really easy because my friends always looked at me weirdly whenever I dressed up, most of my friends could identify me easily from afar with my dressing because I always look odd.

“I am not missing anything fashion wise”

– Why modest fashion? Why not normal mainstream fashion?
– – Modest fashion basically because I am a Muslim and personally I believe in dressing in a classy, unique, outstanding but covered way. I believe you don’t have to show body parts to show you are fashionable. I don’t do normal because I don’t try to fit in but I believe in standing out .

– How expensive is it to put your looks together?
– – Believe me my clothes cost less than you can ever imagine because most of them are “second hand clothing” thrift or store rejects (laughs) I don’t remember the day I ever walked in to a boutique to buy a dress or shoe, that is partly due to the fact that I can’t really afford them but my mom always told me that it is not always about how expensive your dress is but how you can rock a less outfit in an exclusive and expensive way.

– I noticed you once contemplated blogging or so, are you into blogging now?
– – Blogging? (sighs) I don’t really know why I have not started but I am making provisions for that, I have been piling up my pictures and other ideas so I might start really soon.

– What influenced and inspired your modest style?
– – My modest style was influenced by my dad and inspired by other muslimahs, officialhaddie from Nigeria is one of them.

– Do you look forward to being a fashion designer or a stylist?
– – Oh yeah I’m soo looking forward to been a fashion designer and Stylist, in fact I am!. I do a little designing here and there, I design Hijabs and Turbans too and I am currently working on my own Hijab line.

– Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
– – I see my self 5yrs from now owning my own modest dress line Hijabs, Maxi skirts, Dresses, Turbans and being one of the greatest stylists in the modest fashion world!

– That’s huge, wow!
– – I know right.

– Choose one. Free flowing gowns or maxi skirts?
– – I go for flowing gowns

– What were the challenges and reactions you encounter when you step out in modest stylish outfits ?
– – The challenges are many (thinks) especially with the Hijab – the heat, difficulty in getting plain coloured Hijabs, how to wear the kimono in certain weather conditions. It is not easy getting loose jeans that fits around the waist too, long sleeves in hot weather!. Believe me they are sometimes difficult to wear so I usually wear turban for easy movement and all that.

– Don’t you think you are missing out Fashion wise?
– – I am so not missing out fashion wise.

– There are debates on how a Muslim woman should dress, what are your views on that?
– – I am of the opinion a Muslim woman can dress the way she pleases in as much as it is in accordance with how God has enjoined women to dress which is modestly without attracting lustful stares from the opposite sex.

– What advise do you have for Youths especially Hijabis and would be Hijabis out there?
– -Being a Hijabi is totally cool, do not be bullied into wearing indecent outfits that are in vogue. Always remember you have God to please first before anyone else. May Allah guide us all.

Thank you Shiella for creating time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions.

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