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Why does she always get to be the good one? I hate her!
I have always been pushed to the background, my big sister gets every praise, every affection, the best of every gifts, the biggest meat, the cutest clothes and shoes while I get scolded, tossed around, the last of everything, slimy stripes of flesh my mum deem fit to call meat?! And oh yes, her hand me downs (clothes she had used till they are faded) and NO, my mum would hear none of it, afterall, my sister is always careful.
I hate my sister, I hate her so so much! I don’t like the fact that mum always make me look up to her, why is it a must for me to break her record when she had already broken every album in history?
Why do I have to be a science student just because she was one? And now I am going to a medical school after graduation just because my sister finished from one with amazing achievements, why do I have to work myself off just to get a scholarship like my sister? Why does my mum sees my ability to paint and draw as a curse? I think one day I might just get too frustrated and I don’t care where or how but am going to get rid of my sister! I can’t live the rest of my life in her shadow, there is nothing astounding I do that she hasn’t done or surpassed, why is my life this awful? Or maybe I was adopted? Perhaps I was a relative’s child entrusted into their care against their will? I look nothing like my mum and sister who are beautiful for days, neither do I have the signature dimple on the chin like my dad and my brothers!

I think I hate my sister and I could swear she hates me too, she stifles her laughs when I am being scolded and NO! She would never coach me through studying for scholarships or debates, she would never let me go through the numerous cool stuff she has, she would never let me use her sanitary pad even if blood was gushing like a broken water pipe, she doesn’t let me read the cool magazines she reads and yes she had told me numerous times that I am as worthless as they come. She looks at me the same way my parents does, my mum with the look of irritation, my dad with his nonchalant or seemingly confused look, maybe he is still trying to decide whether to sue or not to sue my mum for a foul play. My sister is a mix of both looks, what? She is a perfect mix of the two of them, mum’s beauty, dad’s brain and me what am I again? A troll, a useless troll.
I am still trying to figure out how to kill my sister, should I choke her to death with her own fluffy pillow? Or pour some rat poison into her tea? Or pepper into her eyeshadow? Or dump a scorpion into her favourite pair of shoe, the one she got when she won the student award of the year!
I will end up killing her soon, because I no longer think I hate my sister, I hate my sister!

-Frustrated girl


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