Hello wonderfully amazing students of the better by far university! And to the newest addition or shoulf I say the freshers you guys are most welcome to the best university in Nigeria. The number one. I don’t want to hear any other thing.

As we all know every human need a form of identification in every social strata they belong to we have seen that with the tribal marks and what not. So also does the university of Ilorin have it own means of identification – the ID card bearing your details. Some of us freshers may find it confusing seeing the different colours of tags at the park, library, walkway, SUB and so on. Don’t worry dears I am here to solve that for you. Here are the various Unilorin faculties ID cards and their colours.

Engineering – Orange
Arts – Ash
Law – Red
Life sciences – Yellow
Education – Nigerian flag green (lol)
Physical. Science – light Green
Agriculture – leaf green
Management sciences – Blue
Environmental science – Grey
CIS – Brown
Masters students – Black
College of health sciences – pink
Social science – Purple

So those are the major Unilorin identity cards tag colours. Which ones did I leave out? Please endeavour to tell me in the comment box and I will definitely add them.

Thanks for stopping by, ‘this is not bye bye but see you again.’

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