The INEC officials had four years to prepare for an election that would hold for less than 3 weeks but in their usual manner flopped big time. This is not only a shame to us but also a dent to our image in diaspora.

A whopping sum of #228,000,000,000 (228 billion Naira) was approved and allocated to INEC to conduct a free, fair and smooth election but at the eleventh hour chickened out due to reasons best know to them.

The commission needs a total overhauling and the so called electoral chairman be removed on the grounds on incompetency
What a shame to the academicians for birthing such a professor.

The commission recruited and trained ad-hoc staff (Corpers, Ex-Corpers and University students) three weeks to the election in an inconducive environment, insufficient training materials and lackadaisical instructors.

On Thursday just two two days to the scheduled election, the name of shortlisted ad-hoc staff was pasted in a written format with over 10,000 names and the only way we could know our polling unit was going through the hundreds of lists pasted. What’s wrong with sending a bulk SMS to the ad-hoc staff indicating where they’re to meet before the election or better still type the names of all corp members and convert it to PDF and make it available to CDS officers, or make a functional website for all ad-hoc members to check their polling units.

Millions of people risked their lives in traveling all over the country to exercise their franchise only for the commission to postpone the election at the early hours of the scheduled date saying they weren’t prepared to conduct an election.

Despite the billions of Naira allocated to INEC for the electioneering process, a conducive accommodation wasn’t prepared for corp members who are supervising the election to sleep on the eve of the election after mandating all shortlisted corp members to meet at the RAC centre.

Should I even talk about the allowances?
Wo, let me stop here, I need to sleep already.

I’m in sifia pains

Mbah Chinonso Ephraim


  1. AvatarChinenyenwa

    Continue ooo !Lets talk about the money that will be spent next week because this one is already a waste . No single apology from INEC, that an insult to the electorates. Many won’t be able to vote again next week because they already traveled and can’t travel twice. INEC should come and refund the money one used to fill the house with foodstuff ( yes ! I bought it at an expensive price because of election).


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