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Is this how we will be looking? Is this how we will be looking? When our future is getting exchanged for a tin of milk and one mudu of garri? When women old enough to be grandmothers, who should be sitting at home with their grand babies, dress up in faded mismatched Ankara outfit and sing in the sun for a man young enough to be their son in exchange for 200 naira?

Is this how we will be looking? When corruption has become corrupted that it is the corrupt that wants to fight corruption? When justice gets stifled and suffocated with the smell of naira notes or dollars as the ‘giver’ wishes? Where the National cake is shared and the crumbs is left for us to share? When the poor man who stole bread and a small bag of semo is burnt to death and the hungry boy who stole chicken is handed a death sentence?

Is this how we will be looking? When old cargoes are still on the queue to rule the country before they take their last breath? Suffocating the young, honest ones who have the interest of the people at heart? Buying people’s conscience and sense of reasoning with contracts and ministerial appointments?

Is this how we will be looking? When leaders of tomorrow see wealth in scamming, prostitution and other fraudulent habits? Young boys, fast money, fast cars. Young girls, flashy clothes, flashier jewelries. Laptops, iPhones, unpronounceable designer names, their shoes and clothes decking their wardrobes. Instagram showoff and twitter rantings, books feeding the termites and getting peed on by rats and cockroaches!

Is this how we will be looking? When intelligent minded lots are running away because Nigeria is too hot for them? When everyone thinks once they leave this hell hole they’d be able to make it in life? When the graduate is frustrated to his wit ends and slips into depression?

Is this how we will be looking! As what lies in the future gets eaten that we can’t even see the bones? Our future rotten even before it is visible? Everyone cowering in fear of what ifs, the bold fighting for what is right and the rest trying to shut them up! Is this how we would be looking? Until Nigeria becomes a fictional land we tell our children about, tales that begin with ‘Once upon a time…’


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