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*enters post quietly, peeps from left to right* Hi guys? (no answer) hello? Hey? I am sorry now. Loooooool. I couldn’t help but stay away for some time, final year is not Akara as people used to say, now I realize what they were saying is the truth. I had a lot to share with you guys last week but, things got in the way, some pleasant, some unpleasant, some academic, some not related to academic. If you were looking forward to the remaining UIFDC post, please do hang around. I will get back to you this Friday at the finals. Yaaaas!

So, how was May? What did you learn? What did you lose? Who did you befriend? Who did you unfriend? Who did you curve? Who did you rub? What were your achievements? What were the setbacks?

I had a pretty pleasant May, even though it started on an indifferent note for me and took a depressing turn in the middle and then awesomeness towards the end. May came with some disappointments, fears, betrayal and low moments. It also came with me meeting new amazing people who are beautiful both inside and outside, May came with some wisdom for me, I found happiness with people I used to dislike and never gave a chance to show who they really are. May pushed me forward and opened my eyes to a lot of things, May made me believe I can do anything if I believe and keep working towards it. May was fair. And it also came with RAMADAN! Muslim readers, Ramadan Mubarak. Any thing for Miss Kae?

June is here shinning it teeth and waiting for me to notice it, calm down oga ade, I will get to you soon ha! Ehn ehn, how has Ramadan been like? Me thinks there should be a post centered around Ramadan or what do you guys think? I used to dread Ramadan when I just began to fast, I mean it is torture when you see well fried dodo, the one that is not too ripe or unripe, well fried but not burnt, crispy and not soaking half of the oil used in frying. Choi, when I jam such beauties during Ramadan, it is to swallow saliva and move on.

“June leave me alone, I am coming stop being a COVEFEFE!”

Now let’s talk about June since it won’t leave me alone. Welcome to the month of June o. The month of June is the month of June. I wish you the best of June, I wish you peace and happiness this June. Unilorin final year students hope you are concluding and done with your findings? Better sacrifice your nights and rush that stubborn project so that your supervisor won’t covefefe you. May the covefefe of enemies not see you, may you continue to be protected with God’s covefefe instead. You think I am covefefeing too much? Don’t blame me, Daddy Trump “gbagauned” two days ago on Twitter and since he is an Oyinbo man and you can’t call Oyinbo’s grammatical error a gbagaun, it became a special word and it has been added to the English language and as you all know, the jobless children of Twitter forced it down our necks, I had no choice than to covefefe along too.

Donald “Covefefe” Trump

Have a covefefe June and don’t forget to be awesomely covefefe. May your covefefe light continue to shine bright like a covefefe diamond plastered with stars.

I love you all with all my covefefe heart.

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