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It’s the best experience any girl could pray for I was told
Mama says the best moment every girl wanted
The birth of the woman in me
Admiring my image in the mirror was all I seem to do daily
As I await my glorious day as mama called it
For weeks myself and Ougene talked about it
Making us the envy of the younglings
She would twist her neck and say “I will soon be a woman now”
The long awaited day came
My friend was to go in before me
With our cheery attitudes we wore the clothes given to us
Bursting forth with joy she entered the sacred place
Then it was my turn
Getting suspicious I asked
“Excuse me ma, Ougene is not out” the pityful woman shook her head and said “she is resting”
Why will she be resting? Perplexed I went with her
“Only the shedding of a little blood is required” mama said
Then I saw ‘her’
With the expression of the devil coming to take his dues
And mama behind her wailing as my friend lie lifeless
A mistake the ‘she-devil’ called it
Realising what I was there for
I turned attempting to escape
Suddenly strong hands held me down trying to free me of my clothes
It was then I remembered
The agony in mama’s eyes
The feeling of helplessness
The watery smile that will always come with the talk of womanhood
A girl to surrender her genital and lose her soul because of the so called Circumcision
There and then I knew I too will be condemned to a life worse than death.


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