Before anything else, let me take few minutes of this total “ventitation” of mushed up emotions, squeezed away in a forgotten corner of my heart to say Karma doesn’t exist! It feels good saying that. Karma doesn’t exist! Now I feel better.

Have you ever wondered why people with low morals, bad character, bad records, dirty smelling secrets get lucky?

A runs chic getting hitched to the perfect man, a player ending up with a mary-like lady, a teacher in your school who is the embodiment of wickedness getting promoted to the position of the principal, the lecturer who kept dashing out carry overs like he needs to pass it around as many times as he could because the letter “F” is going out of Fashion. How much longer before we say Ashion and he stops?Why do good, well-mannered, saint like people who have managed to escape the different temptations life throws at humans end up being miserable?

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does it feel as if the whole thing called Karma is as dubious as this MMM of a thing? Why is Karma unjust like the Nigerian judicial system which threw out allegations of undeclared property due “to lack for evidence” and sent hungry Bayo who stole indomie and purewater to 7 years in jail with hard labour? Why is Karma as unstable as IBEDC? Why does Karma only “woof woof” with it toothless mouth and flies infested tail like EFCC?

Why has Karma refused to blow the whistle on the corrupt and morally decadent?
Should we say Karma failed to visit Angelina, the runs chic with numerous Daddies and Alhajis because there lies more to sweet Avocado Angie than what lies between the folds of her vagina?Why is Karma lurking around sweet, kind, submissive Reena’s house? Why does it watch as her husband beat her to pulp everyday for no good reason? Can we say Karma forgot the house of Honourable Jojomijo because few hands have been shone with the benevolent oil proceeds, look at them all basking in the after glow.

Why did Karma lost it way and head towards the street that led to Nwafor, the carpenter’s house? Why did Karma play roughly with the wires haphazardly dangling on disjointed poles? Why did the wires fall when Nwafor’s three kids were passing by? Why did karma follow them all the way to Specialist hospital? Why did Karma watch passively as they pass away – frozen body, open teeth, pain etched all over their still faces?

Why did Karma forget to make the corrupt Governors daughter slip and break her back as she skates on the wintered covered grounds, maybe he would remember to pay the hospital workers then, why didn’t Alhaji Fodi’s visa get rejected? Why are they all getting fat as we grow leaner in penury? Why do we look on like hungry worms as those plump over fed snakes hiss over leftovers? Why can’t you crush them all?

Karma? Have you been bribed too?


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I am not cute or built to suit a fashion model size, but when i start to tell them, they think am telling lies, i say, it is in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips. I am a woman phenomenally, phenomenal woman,that's me - Maya Angelou.

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