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I had a bathtub filled with roses and lavender
A basin of milk was poured in
It was a royal bath
I perfumed my body when I was
I wore the best of all garments
No under suit within
Only the silk covered my modesty
It clung to my hips
And molded itself against my breasts
I unhooked my hair
From it prison of pins and threads
A deep breath and I stepped into the room.
You were ready and waiting,
You rose up from the bed a little
Gasping at my sight
“Angelic” you whisper
“You smell like paradise” you said
“And your hair,is like a nest of golden egss” you twiddled my curls with your fingers
Without much ado,you took me!
“I have not done this before” I pleaded
You ignore my pleas and made the sail rough,storms of years of passion bottled up inside!
I became familiar with the pain and it turned to pleasure,
My cries turned to prayers,praises, and I sang
Songs that have no meaning even to my ears
Your groan brought me back to life and I erupted before I could stop myself
My body still shaking,you bathed me in milk,
And you fell…exhausted, on me
Heavy! You were but you are like the comfort a big blanket brings in harmattan
Trapped I was till morning!
The rays of sun glared through the curtains
Eyes of a reproachful mother
“What have you done” it seemed to say
The smell of the room made me nauseous, it comes from me and him
As I went into the bath to clean up
My shame followed me
The blood crusts around my thighs refused to wash off
And I filled the bath with roses and lavender to cure the smell
It smells like rotten egg instead,
The Egg, which is now broken.
Weakly I stood up to fix my hair
In the mirror,I saw a girl who has nothing left in the world
She had given the last bit of her away
To someone who see her as his toy
She had eventually done his bidding
What is worth more than gold
Is given freely away
And the goldigger dug so well
For she still ache below
Poor thing,she dragged herself out into the room
And she saw him,still on the bed
Staring at her with leering eyes
“Come” he said
Shaking her head she pulled the gown from where it lay on the floor,
She unclasped the lock with shaking fingers and ran out
His Hard,Cruel,Mocking laughter
Followed her till the end of the world!

:Abdulazeez Kaothar


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